Scorn first puzzle solution: how to open the door

The first puzzle in Scorn involves retrieving an egg from a biomechanical claw machine and making a life or death decision simply to open a locked door

Scorn first puzzle: The protagonist in Scorn, Ebb Software's Giger-inspired first-person survival horror game, waking up at the beginning of the game, shortly before falling into the alien structure and encountering the first puzzle.

If you’re stuck on the first puzzle in Scorn then we’re here to help. This puzzle is effectively a microcosm of Ebb Software’s first-person survival horror game. The relatively straightforward concept of discovering how to open the massive door consists of a number of moving parts spread across a large, self-contained area, with plenty of macabre moments and the potential to inflict a gruesome death on a strange alien being that doesn’t really deserve it.

In short, the first puzzle in Scorn really throws you in the deep end, so we don’t blame you if you’re feeling completely lost already. Your goal is to open the giant locked door in the main cavern that leads to the rest of the alien structure. You have the means to manipulate door controls via the alien modification to your arm – but there are two consoles, and you can only operate one at a time. In order to progress, you’ll need to recruit an unwitting (and somewhat unwilling) volunteer. Here’s how to solve the first puzzle in Scorn.

Scorn first puzzle solution

The elements of this puzzle are split into four distinct areas: the main cavern, the scoop, the saw, and the claw machine. The first three are on the ground floor, with the scoop and saw located in two separate antechambers branching off from the main cavern.

The claw machine is located on the upper floor, which you can access by taking the elevator in either of the two antechambers. The claw machine puzzle is the first step to opening the door, so head upstairs once you’re familiar with your surroundings and interact with the console on the central plinth to get started.

Scorn first puzzle: The biomechanical claw machine featured in the first puzzle in Scorn, mounted to a wall with a number of eggs attached to a grid structure.


Effectively, you’re trying to get all the petrified eggs to the right of the claw machine’s grid, clearing the way for the living egg, which has a birght glow at its core, to take the spot nearest to the claw itself.

Arranging them in the correct order involves some trial and error, and it’s very easy to make this puzzle harder to solve simply by moving eggs at random. Prioritise moving the single eggs out of the way first, to leave enough room to shift the eggs that are attached to one another. It’s important to utilise the whole grid while solving this puzzle; if there doesn’t seem to be enough room to shift them, there may be some empty spots further along to the right that have escaped your notice.

Once the correct egg is in position, activate the claw from the main console to prompt it to grab the egg and place it in the central column, which will automatically descend. Use the elevator to follow it down and return to the main cavern to find the egg – and the fleshling within it – hanging above the cart on the rail track. Use the console directly opposite to lower them into the seat.

Scorn first puzzle: The rail track as seen from above while interacting with the console on the raised platform in the main cavern, which must be manipulated to solve the first puzzle, with the branches of the track selected.

extracting the alien

Now that you have your fleshling volunteer, you need to hatch them from their egg. There is a choice you must make here: the saw, or the scoop. You can reach either one by manipulating the track using the console on the raised platform in the middle of the main cavern. Once the track is in place, it’s just a case of pushing the cart to its final destination.

If you’re unsure about which one to go for – or if you’re curious about the alternative outcome – our guide to choosing between the saw or the scoop in Scorn goes into all the gory details. Either way, the outcome of your decision provides you with what you need to gain entry to the locked door in the main cavern: an extra arm.

Congratulations, you’ve solved the first puzzle in Scorn! We tackled this very same puzzle during our Scorn preview, so take a gander to find out how we fared with it. We also recommend checking out how to heal in Scorn – once you’re past this opening chapter, you’ll certainly need it. Getting stuck on puzzles can add hours to your playtime, so if you’re wondering exactly how long is Scorn, we’ve got the answer. If you’re yet to descend into Ebb Software’s Giger-inspired nightmare, avail yourself of the Scorn system requirements to ensure that your hardware will be able to handle it.