New games: Scoundrel is the roguelite child of Gunpoint and Thief


So imagine you take the 2D platforming hijinks of Tom Francis’ terrific Gunpoint and mixed them with the sneaky burglary action of Thief. You’d get something a bit like Scoundrel, a procedurally-generated steal-’em-up coming soon from a new indie studio called Bullish Games.

Bullish Games have been working on Scoundrel since 2015, and they’ve just released a first teaser trailer (above). You can get a pretty good idea of what the game’s about from the video, which shows various cat burglars creeping through dimly-lit mansions, hiding in potted plants, and generally stealing anything that isn’t firmly nailed down.

As in Gunpoint, there are guards to deal with using your bag of tricks or the environment. Unlike Gunpoint, there’s absolutely no combat – Scoundrel is 100 percent a stealth game, and when you get spotted, it’s time to beat feet to the nearest exit in as prompt a manner as possible.

You’ll also be using a new, randomly-assembled scoundrel for each thieving mission, so it seems as though it’ll be important to be adaptable to different gear or skill loadouts and approach each mission with an eye on what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Bullish Games haven’t announced a release date for Scoundrel yet, but the trailer says it’s “coming soon.” You can follow the studio on Twitter or check out the Scoundrel Facebook page.