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The Game Awards’ best indie of 2023 is at its lowest price yet

Return to the JRPG genre's roots with the Game Award-winning Sea of Stars, currently available for its lowest price ever on Steam right now

Sea of Stars is one of the best JRPGs to release in recent memory, taking the best parts from classic JRPGs like Chrono Trigger and Golden Sun alongside modernizing certain aspects of retro games to coalesce it all into a fantastic adventure – and it’s currently 25% off on Steam at its lowest price since launch.

While there may be a fear that Sea of Stars leans too heavily on its inspirations, ending up as an imitation rather than an evolution, those fears quickly dissipate upon playing through the game. Sea of Stars updates traditional JRPG staples across the board, such as its turn-based RPG combat introducing ‘lock’ and ‘live mana’ systems that force more deliberate thinking during combat than simply using your most damaging spells and healing occasionally.

The party you engage in combat with is also full of colourful characters that are much more than standard stereotypes of ‘mage’ and ‘tank’, featuring full backgrounds, fleshed out character traits and story arcs that can often only be reserved for a JRPG’s protagonist.

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This is without mentioning the game’s stunning visuals, which feel like a bedazzling modern take on classic JRPG art styles that finally lets the game actually look how those classic games appeared in your head when you were young. Traversing through this beautiful world is also paired with an incredible soundtrack composed by legendary Chrono Trigger alumni Yasunori Mitsuda, making this game a treat for the eyes and ears.

In case there’s still any doubt in your mind regarding picking up Sea of Stars on Steam during this sale – bear in mind that it won Independent Game of the Year at last year’s Game Awards, showing there’s evidently fire to this smoke.

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