Play the latest Sea of Thieves chapter for just $1 with PC Game Pass

The Shrouded Islands event in Sea of Thieves is shaping up to be some of the most interesting content yet, get Game Pass for $1 and try it yourself.

Belle from the cinematic trailer for Sea of Thieves: The Shrouded Islands.

It’s weird to think that Sea of Thieves is now into its fifth year. Since 2017, Rare has given players countless unforgettable experiences, and it’s adding new content all the time. The latest addition, The Shrouded Islands, is only available for a couple more days, but don’t worry – PC Game Pass gives you full access to the game for just $1.

Over the years, Rare has added several new story components to the game (famously including a Pirates of the Caribbean crossover), but The Shrouded Islands is definitely, in my opinion, the most enjoyable. One of the game’s outposts (a safe area normally filled with NPCs) has become shrouded in a thick mist and all the characters there have disappeared. You have to head out and investigate.

What follows is a thrilling adventure that perfectly captures that old timey, supernatural pirate aura perfectly. It’s genuinely creepy at times and the tingling sense of uncovering a dark mystery runs through the whole thing. I’ve been playing the game since the start and this makes me genuinely excited to see what they’re going to do next.

But here’s why you need to start playing today – this is the first of several adventures that will only be available for a limited time. Indeed, you only have until the end of Thursday (March 3) to play this portion of the story, after which, the next limited-time adventure will begin.

The Shrouded Islands adventure can be played through in a couple of hours, so there’s still plenty of time to experience it for yourself, even if you don’t start until Wednesday. Though it is a shame that this little story will soon become inaccessible, it’s rather exciting to have an adventure unfolding across the game’s shared world and actively affecting and changing the locations that everybody can visit.

Play on Game Pass

As this game is available on Game Pass and you can currently enjoy a month’s subscription for just $1, it makes sense to use this opportunity to dive in and start living your best pirate life. The Shrouded Islands would make a wonderful introduction to the game and can be enjoyed without any prior knowledge of the world or setting. I wish I could have started with it in 2017.

If you miss out on your chance to enjoy this adventure before March 3, don’t worry: you’ll still be able to access the next part of the adventure – and if it’s anything like the first part, you’ll be in for a treat and the game will probably fill you in on any blanks.

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