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A new Serious Sam game is coming out this month, and probably yelling a lot

Devolver Digital has teased a new Serious Sam game to be both announced and released before the end of January

Sam Stone holds a minigun in Serious Sam 4.

Apparently we’re about to hear about a new Serious Sam game. Publisher Devolver Digital has let it slip that an announcement for a new game in the over-the-top FPS game series is coming next week, and that the game itself – whatever form that takes – will be launching before the end of January.

“What if a new Serious Sam game was being announced next week and released this month?” Devolver asks in a tweet posted the evening of January 6. What if, indeed – but to drive the suggestion home, the publisher included a short video clip with the tweet. In it, a marine buoy is shown floating in an arctic (or possibly antarctic) sea, surrounded by icebergs and snow-covered landmasses.

A speedboat whizzes by, disturbing some seagulls that have settled on the buoy. The clip cuts to a shot over land, where we see a large hole bored through a pillar of rock. “Damn, it’s cold,” we hear Sam Stone say. “But nothin’ warms me up like kickin’ ass!” Classic Sam, right?

Here’s the clip:

Most of the games in the Serious Sam series have been first-person shooters, but he’s had a few spin-off games in other genres: Serious Sam Double D was a 2011 side-scrolling shooter, while Serious Sam: The Random Encounter was a top-down shooter developed by Vlambeer.

Based on the assets shown off in the clip, though, it looks like a traditional FPS Serious Sam game – possibly a standalone expansion for Serious Sam 4. We’re ready to be surprised, however, given the sudden announcement and quick release timeframe. One thing’s for sure, there will be headless guys with bombs who scream a lot.