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Mirror’s Edge meets Titanfall 2 in FPS game’s free update, 75% off

A new Severed Steel update brings even more style to the movement FPS, as the shooter is also 75% off in a Steam sale as of right now.

Severed Steel FPS game update: a first-person perspective of someone sliding on the ground, aiming a pistol at an enemy running towards them

Severed Steel is a truly phenomenal movement FPS. It uses tight corridors, parkour, a slew of weapons and abilities, and an easy-to-use time slow-down mechanic with complete camera control in a way like nothing I’ve played since. If you like Mirror’s Edge, Titanfall 2, or even a fast-paced shooter like Doom Eternal, Severed Steel’s new update and Steam sale need to be on your radar.

Developed by the same team behind the Tony Hawk-infused Echo Point Nova demo, a new Severed Steel update is here that focuses on rewarding you for playing the game with style, which was already a core focus of the movement FPS game. Even when playing for the first time the movement feels so tight and it’s incredibly easy to feel cool, but now you can be rewarded for actually moving well too.

Severed Steel’s biggest new feature is the style ranking system. As there are 30 stunts you can do in the Firefight mode, which also has eight new levels, to make gunplay “feel way more satisfying and way less grindy.”

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Kicks, thrown weapons, and explosions can now send living enemies into a ragdoll, to help further sell the stylish push developer Greylock Studio is going for. There’s also a handful of new music tracks for the jump-in-and-play Firefight mode, which is all about getting the best score in condensed levels as you can.

There was already a lot on offer in Severed Steel, but the renewed focus on style makes it one of the coolest movement shooters currently on the market. The level of control you have when slowing down time is unmatched, letting you shoot enemies from upside down before throwing your empty weapon at another to stun them and going in for the kill.

You can snag Severed Steel in a Steam sale as of right now too until Friday, November 10 at 75%, so expect to pay $6.24 / £4.87. The game also has a 94% positive rating on Steam, if you need further persuasion. You can pick it up right here.

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