Ultra fast Steam FPS now lets you play your own music, on sale for $5

Severed Steel now lets you add your own music to the FPS game, as the Steam shooter also has an 80% off sale on Valve's storefront.

Severed Steel music update Steam sale: a white-haired woman with a canon on her right arm holds up a gun

I find myself revisiting Severed Steel a lot. It’s an incredibly fast-paced and frenetic movement FPS that I’ve talked about a lot on PCGamesN, and the team at Greylock Studio keeps adding great updates. First, it was improved ragdoll physics, then dual-wielding weapons, and now you can add any music you want into the game while you play. I suddenly have the urge to play Toxic by Britney Spears while bouncing off walls and shooting guys in slow-mo. Oh, it’s also 80% off on Steam to celebrate.

Severed Steel is one phenomenal shooter; you wall-run, slide, kick, jump, dive, flip, and use slow motion in confined corporate-looking buildings with an array of weapons. I love a good movement FPS game, and this one feels great to play and pull off slick moves in even when you’re not that good at it.

Now, you can import your own music library into Severed Steel across formats like MP3 and WAV, and build a custom OST for when you play. It can be just the original OST, custom tracks, or even a healthy mix of both. All the configuration options and instructions are in the audio settings menu when you jump in.

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I’m sure every single one of us has a specific song or artist that comes to mind to pair with Severed Steel, and now you can make that dream a reality. Personally, the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack and Crush 40 are at the top of my list.

Whatever tracks you pick, being able to add your own music to a game’s soundtrack is something more games should be doing. Every game would sound better with the oppressive tones of Doom 2016, I’m sure of it. We’ve all spent gaming sessions cranking up Spotify, but now Severed Steel makes it much more official.

Severed Steel is available on Steam right now with the music update coming to GOG and Epic soon, you can also nab the shooter for 80% off until Monday, February 19. Expect to pay $4.99 / £3.89 until then.

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