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Summer Games Done Quick speedrun list is out now

Games Done Quick

Apart from Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting, one of the most soothing events to watch on Twitch is Games Done Quick’s regular charity speedrunning marathons. There’s something reassuring about the way these hyper-focused players calmly talk their way all the way through games that normally take many hours to complete.

Last year, GDQ raised nearly a quarter million dollars to help survivors of Hurricane Harvey.

Summer Games Done Quick will run June 24th – July 10th, and the list of games and speedrunners is out now. As usual, it’s an eclectic mix of old and new, and of the familiar and the obscure. While at first glance the list looks long, keep in mind that these are players who can reliably finish 2016’s Doom in under an hour.

A couple of the PC-focused entries that stood out to me:

  • CovertMuffin playing through the Undead Campaign in Warcraft III in 1:15:00
  • AlucardX60 with an any percent run of Yo! Noid 2 in 12 minutes
  • flarebear with an any percent run of A Hat in Time in 57 minutes
  • Amyrlinn and Shockwve with an any percent co-op run of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel In 2:15:00
  • Semanari, any percent run of Divinity: Original Sin II in 40 minutes

There’s tons more on the list, and what’s best is all proceeds raised during the event go to charity. SGDQ will be held in Bloomington, Minnesota, and if you’d like to attend in person you can register at the official site. Otherwise, you’ll be able to watch on GDQ’s Twitch channel.