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Don’t believe the new FromSoft ‘leak’

shadows die twice from software next game

Someone has claimed to leak several details of FromSoftware’s next game – currently known as Shadows Die Twice based on the only text in its teaser trailer from The Game Awards last year. Posting on 4chan under the username ‘A Man’, they say “it will appear at E3 with a full length trailer and some gameplay,” which will be similar to Bloodborne, “but more vicious and brutal.” The world will be “more open,” with “a more directly told story.”

It is very likely nonsense. The OP doesn’t offer a single source to back up a short list of suggestions that any FromSoft fan could invent if asked “what do you reckon the next game will be like?” There is an image that could easily be photoshopped from the TGA trailer, and in no way looks official.

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Among the many ‘Anonymous’ replies, there are several from other users also calling themselves ‘A Man’ (you can do that on 4chan – they may or may not be the same person as the OP. There’s no way to tell.) One has posted an image, perhaps trying to pass it as concept art, but an image search reveals it’s been ripped off from a (clearly talented) chap named ryan99317 on DeviantArt. Another is obviously trolling, and yet there is no reason either of them should be taken less seriously than the OP.

We all know that game details can leak. But when they do, the leaker usually wants to be taken seriously, so they at least attempt to name a source, or post on places like Reddit or ResetEra where they can build a reputation for credibility under an identifiable alias.

That hasn’t happened here, but if you fancy a laugh, here’s the thread. Be warned though: A Man has a few ‘spoilers’ about the game’s story.

If you missed the TGAs, here’s the Shadows Die Twice tease. Shortly after it dropped (almost six months ago), FromSoft promised more details in the next year:

So we won’t have long to wait for somethingofficialindeed, E3 is a definite possibility. But there’s no good reason to take this 4chan post as anything more thanplausible,andcertainly nothing approaching authoritative.