Silent Hill 2 Remake is definitely not canceled, Bloober Team confirms

Silent Hill 2 Remake, which revives the horror game classic alongside Townfall, Ascension, and Silent Hill F, is not canceled, Bloober says.

Silent Hill 2 Remake not canceled: A man with blond hair, James Sunderland from horror game Silent Hill 2 Remake

Silent Hill 2 Remake first appeared back on October 20, 2022. We got a full trailer, a look at the updated, remake version of James Sunderland, and confirmation that the revival of the horror classic would be developed by Layers of Fear and Blair Witch studio Bloober. Since then, news about SH2 Remake has been more or less nonexistent. We’ve heard snippets, but the whole thing has gone eerily quiet. As Konami seemingly pushes to bring back some of its most-beloved games, including Metal Gear Solid with the MGS3 remake, and Silent Hill as a franchise via Silent Hill F, Silent Hill Townfall, and the interactive series Ascension, despite the absence of updates, Bloober confirms Silent Hill 2 Remake is not canceled.

The Silent Hill 2 release date is still on its way. One of the greatest horror games of all, the 2001 Konami original is an intensely dark, psychosexual story of regret, insecurity, and penance. The original SH, Silent Hill 3, and to a perhaps lesser extent Silent Hill 4 The Room remain some of the greatest games of the era, but Silent Hill 2 stands above them all. Created by Bloober Team, makers of Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, and the severely underappreciated Observer, the remake of Silent Hill 2 has been quiet for a while now. But – based on new comments from Bloober itself – it’s still in the works.

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On Tuesday November 20, writing on Twitter/X, one fan asks Bloober: “Tell us if Silent Hill 2 Remake has been canceled, because it really feels like a joke.” Bloober replies with a GIF of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, accompanied by the caption “not true, of course not.” Another fan asks simply “where is the remake?” Bloober responds with another GIF, this time bearing the caption “work in progress.”

“When could we expect to get some news on the remake, or is that up to Konami?” a third fan asks. “It’s kinda hard to be stuck in the fog for over a year with nothing new. Even some screenshots would be nice.”

“Konami is the publisher of the game and communication is definitely part of their job,” Bloober replies. Potentially, then, when it comes to updates regarding Silent Hill 2 Remake, we can expect them to arrive from Konami rather than Bloober itself.

Silent Hill 2 Remake not canceled: Clips from the Bloober Team Twitter about horror game Silent Hill 2 Remake

Nevertheless, it seems the remake is still in the works and not canceled. If you were worried because we hadn’t heard anything since 2022, this will hopefully assuage your concerns.

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