Silent Hill 2 sequel hinted by ominous Konami copyright message

Silent Hill 2, the iconic horror game from Konami, has been rumoured for a remake, but a copyright notice received by a streamer suggests something else

Silent Hill 2 sequel hinted by ominous Konami copyright message: Maria from Konami horror game Silent Hill 2

19/10/2022 A new YouTube channel named Silent Hill (Official) has been created, seemingly for the October 19 event. The description of this channel references that the event will feature “Silent Hill 2”, and the metadata for the chanel’s front page references “Return to Silent Hill” and an unannounced project “Silent Hill: Ascension”.

Silent Hill 2, one of the best horror games, has been subject to a variety of rumours regarding a potential remake. But as Konami plans to unveil the future of Silent Hill at an event on October 19, it seems something other than a remake of the 2001 classic may be a possibility, as a YouTube streamer receives an ominous copyright notice hinting at a possible Silent Hill 2 sequel.

YouTube channel Survival Horror Network posts regular streams of Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and other staples of the genre, and was recently planning to stream the original Silent Hill 2. However, on preparing a test run for the stream, the channel was greeted with an automatic copyright notice, claiming that content relating to Silent Hill 2 was either being monetised or used for “analytics” by the copyright holder, Konami.

More interestingly, however, the title given in the notice for the “copyrighted content” is “Silent Hill 2: Part 1.” Speculation of course, but this may be interpreted to mean that the original Silent Hill 2 has been rebranded or redesignated internally at Konami, as a follow-up game or additional, Silent Hill 2-related project is in development. Automated copyright notices issued by the developer could potentially carry this new designation.

This serves as another possible hint towards a Silent Hill 2-related game being in development. Previously, the South Korean ratings board posted a certification for “Silent Hill: The Short Message”, a potential reference to the letter James receives from Mary during Silent Hill 2’s opening. Masahiro Ito, an artist and designer from the original Team Silent, and creator of Silent Hill 2 monster Pyramid Head, has posted a series of tweets seemingly counting down to the Silent Hill event on October 19, potentially indicating that they may be involved in the new SH project.

Hopefully, all will be revealed on October 19. Until then, if reading about some horror classics has you feeling all nostalgic, you might want to try out some of the other best old games. You may also want to know about some of the best upcoming games we’re planning to see in 2022 and beyond.