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A Sims survey is asking too many vague questions about the life sim

A recent Sims 4 and 5 survey from EA and Maxis is asking players about their experiences, but many think the life game requires some deeper feedback options

Getting player feedback is often an integral part of what developers do, and a new Sims survey that’s gone out to hardcore players of the life game is no exception. Questions have been sent from EA and Maxis about The Sims 4, and seemingly The Sims 5, but many players are talking about how vague or leading the questions are, and how they’d love to give more feedback.

The Sims 4 survey does start with some standard, if vague, questions about player’s general feelings towards The Sims 4, and whether they’d recommend it or not. Players were also asked how they feel about the rate of content being added the game, and waht they might like to see in the future.

The format of the questions, alongside what exactly Maxis and EA are asking players, has piqued many players’ interest as they’re concerned about how vague the questions are, going from the likes of ‘very satisfied’ to ‘very dissatisfied,’ despite players wanting to give more nuanced answers.

You can check out Simmer Erin’s video below, which shows off some of the questions and answers available in the Sims survey that was sent out to a select number of players.

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Questions about the base game of The Sims 4 going free were also asked, and how players have responded to that change, alongside general satisfaction with the base game’s amount of content, and if it’s enough to “have fun.”

“I think a lot of questions focused too much on the amount and rate of content,” says Sims forum user logion, “when they should have asked more on how fun it is to play their content when it comes to the different ways of playing the game and if there is enough depth and development put into it, not just if there is enough content to have fun.”

Fellow player telemwill says on the forums that they received the survey and that “there were opportunities to make comments. I was asked several times why I had chosen the answer I did,” which is a good sign for more specific feedback at the very least.

While some of the questions are quite vague, a few do seem to point towards The Sims 5, with Maxis and EA potentially gauging hardcore player interest in the ideas they have coming for the new take on the life game. Questions like “I prefer video games that let me create my own world” vs “I prefer video games that have a story I can immerse myself in.”

Again, weighing these two against each other doesn’t value people that like both, as having to choose between them railroads responses. But then again this survey does not mean The Sims 5 development will be changed, or explain exactly what it will look like, as it’s more about gauging the interests of the playerbase than anything else.

I wouldn’t be worried about The Sims 5 off the back of this survey, even if it’s been worded and presented in such a way that appears to limit the scope of responses and completely ignore external factors. A The Sims 5 playtest is also currently ongoing, so I’d hazard a guess the feedback from that has more value to EA and Maxis anyway.

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