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Site aims to rate games based on microtransactions

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With all the, er, “creative” ways games publishers have developed to monetize their products after we buy them, it can get pretty complicated these days to figure out exactly what we’re on the hook for when we sign up. A new site is trying to help navigate these decisions by rating games based on their microtransaction schemes.

You don't have to worry about your wallet with our list of the best free games on PC. launched this week, with the goal of clarifying games’ business models. They’ve created a set of tags that provide, at a glance, a quick run-down of what, if anything, you can buy post-purchase.

For example, games that allow you to buy cosmetic items for real-world cash get the “Horse Armor” designation, while games that let you buy items that give you an advantage or boost during play get tagged with “It’s Not Just Cosmetic.”

Games that don’t have any microtransactions are designated “Spotless.”

Since getting noticed by the PC Gaming subreddit, the site's two creators say they have been inundated by submissions, which they’re in the process of sifting through one by one. It may take them a while to get the database filled out, but the site certainly has the potential to become a handy resource.

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Braneman avatarJac Atax avatar
Braneman Avatar
2 Months ago

One thing I hope they do is keep the worst ratings somewhere as an "all time low" for this game. So like you have the score now, and then underneath you have the "all time low" so games like BF2 have a reminder years onward that these developers sucked.

Jac Atax Avatar
2 Months ago

I would wish all sites reviewing games would call out the monetization methods for each game. Instead of replayability ratings there should be addiction warnings for the worst offenders.