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Skull and Bones crossplay and crossplatform play

No pirate can make it into legend without a solid crew, so here are the latest details on Skull and Bones crossplay and cross progression.

A gilded kraken on a ship's wheel in Skull and Bones.

Is Skull and Bones crossplay? To start with, the pirate life can be a lonely one, especially when you’ve recently washed up on a strange shore following a shipwreck. Alone, penniless, and a nobody, it’s going to take some work to make it as a fearsome pirate, so you’re going to need a talented crew.

These shipmates can be found all across Sainte-Anne, across various Skull and Bones dens and outposts, but you’re more likely to find them in your gaming friends who also want to earn their riches in gold and rum in the pirate game. Some of these budding crewmates might not be playing Skull and Bones on the same platform as you, though, so here’s what you need to know about Skull and Bones crossplay – whether you want to team up with others or get rid of the competition.

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Does Skull and Bones have crossplay?

Yes, Skull and Bones is crossplay enabled, so you can build a crew with your pirate pals on any platform. However, if you’d rather not go head-to-head with players on console, Skull and Bones crossplay can be toggled off.

Since Skull and Bones can be played in both PvE and PvP modes, it’s really up to you how you want to play. With that comes whether you want to play with or against those on other platforms. If you’re playing with PvP turned on, we know you might only want to play against those on the same platform, so luckily you can switch crossplay off.

The Skull and Bones crossplay option in the in-game gameplay settings menu.

How to turn Skull and Bones crossplay off

To toggle crossplay on or off in Skull and Bones, head into the settings, then to the ‘Gameplay’ tab, and down to the crossplay option, as shown in the image above.

Crossplay can be turned on or off at any time from this page in the menu, alongside camera shake and player anonymity. Crossplay is automatically turned on what you launch the game, and can also be toggled off in the first menu screen upon launch.

Skull and Bones cross progression

If you want to sail the high seas on multiple platforms, fear not, as Skull and Bones has cross progression, allowing you to keep your infamy level between PC and console editions.

This means you are able to play on PC and any console version of the game and take your infamy level and full progress with you between them all. That said, you will have to own the game on each device, and must purchase them separately. To access cross progression, ensure you log into the same Ubisoft account on each platform.

Skull and Bones crossplay, crossprogression, and progression carry over confirmed in an official infographic.

Skull and Bones beta progression carry over

By participating in the Skull and Bones beta, you can get ahead of other wannabe pirates and level up to the Brigand Infamy Tier before the game’s official release date. This progression carries into the full game, so it’s not for nought, and you’ll earn rewards in the process.

Confirmed in an official tweet, there are up to five rewards available during the Skull and Bones beta period, including one of the adorable Skull and Bones pets, and you are able to level up to Brigand Tier. So you don’t waste your time participating in the beta, this progress, and these rewards, are available when the Skull and Bones release date arrives.

Now you know about Skull and Bones crossplay and cross platform play, it’s up to you whether to go head to head with your friends or team up with them against others in your bid to become the most infamous pirate in the land. The only thing as important as your crew is your ship, so make sure you know what differentiates the Skull and Bones ship types, and every level of Skull and Bones ship customization available.