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Skull and Bones Kaa Mangrove location, treasure maps, and blueprints

The large Kaa Mangrove Skull and Bones outpost is home to treasure, loot, and the Firepower Barge blueprint, if you know where to find it.

A pirate digs up a chest of treasure at Skull and Bones Kaa Mangrove.

Where is the Kaa Mangrove in Skull and Bones? Kaa Mangrove is just one of many outposts in Skull and Bones, but this one contains an incredible amount of loot. We’ve taken a trip to Sultani Island to check it out, and even dug up some buried treasure while we were there.

Among the myriad Skull and Bones treasure maps to be found in the pirate game, a handful all lead you to Sultani Island – more specifically, Kaa Mangrove. This large outpost has two camps with cookery areas, three traders – one selling the Firebrand Barge ship blueprint, and a bunch of loot just lying around for the taking. And that’s before you get to the Skull and Bones treasure buried under the island’s golden sand.

The Skull and Bones Kaa Mangrove location marked on the in-game map.

Skull and Bones Kaa Mangrove location

Kaa Mangrove is on the eastern Coast of Africa, to the west of the Reef sea. You can see the marker for the outpost on the map above. Once you have unlocked Kaa Mangrove, you can fast travel to and from the island.

There are other key locations nearby for trading or plundering, some you must visit as part of Scurlock’s quests. Sultani Island is Compagnie territory, so you’ll see many of their familiar yellow and blue ship in the vicinity as you sail in. Whether you want to leave them be or attack them for their wares is up to you, pirate.

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Kaa Mangrove treasure maps

There are at least two different treasure chests to find on Kaa Mangrove. One is located in one camp, marked with a makeshift cross. The other is in the second camp, buried under a rock.

To find out which of the Sultani maps you have, if you aren’t lucky enough to have found them both, take a look at the image and the clue. It seems as though the treasure was buried by the same person, so it may be that you either get one or the other depending on your gameplay, but we are unable to confirm this yet.

One of the treasure maps, the one marked by a cross, can be seen in the video above. To get there, follow the path from the dock, take the first left into camp, and the treasure chest is in the back left corner of the area.

One of two Kaa Mangrove Sultani Island treasure maps in Skull and Bones.

The other Sultani Island treasure map can be seen above, and this loot is marked instead with a rock, a tricorn hat, and an elegant pistol. To find this treasure chest, take the path from the dock, but take the first right. Follow this path to the other camp, where the chest can be found buried in the far left corner.

We have also spotted a rock marked with a turtle on the island, another sure sign of buried treasure. We are yet to find this treasure map ourselves (if it exists), but bear in mind this could be another Skull and Bones treasure map location. Alternatively, it might be the location of Legendary Treasure.

Other Kaa Mangrove loot

There are plenty of other valuable items to gather while you’re in the Kaa Mangrove Outpost, and they respawn every time you leave, so it’s worth stopping by whenever you are near.

  • Bombard Bombs
  • Ballista Bolts
  • Cannonballs
  • Oil Cannisters
  • Ndizi
  • Legendary treasure map loot

We won a Legendary Treasure hunt which also took us to Kaa Mangrove. This treasure location was on the small island to the south east of the dock.

The shipwright offers the Skull and Bones Firebrand Barge recipe from the ship blueprint.

How to get the Barge ship blueprint

To unlock the Barge, one of the Skull and Bones ships, you need the blueprint – as you do with all new ship builds. You can buy the Barge blueprint on Kaa Mangrove for 4,950 Silver.

To buy the Barge blueprint at the Kaa Mangrove outpost, you simply need to talk to the Corrupt Compagnie Officer on the dock. As one of a selection on blueprints, including the Restoration Kit and the La Fortresse I armor, you can purchase the Barge. You must also have reached Buccaneer level in Skull and Bones Infamy to purchase the blueprint.

While that’s everything you can get at Kaa Mangrove for now, other Skull and Bones ship blueprints, treasure maps, and resources are available across the massive map. To keep you company, you of course have an entire crew, but you might also want a cute Skull and Bones pet to helm the ship with you, and Skull and Bones Twitch drops can help you unlock them.