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How to raise Skull and Bones morale and galvanize your crew

A good captain looks after their crew, but what happened to the Skull and Bones morale feature and how do you keep your crew happy?

Skull and Bones morale: A ship's captain stands at the wheel with members of her crew by her side.

How do you raise Skull and Bones morale? Skull and Bones utilizes an AI crew as you steer your ship and aim weapons on their behalf, making solo sailing a little easier on you. Your crew chats to you and even sings shanties, but you have to keep them well fed to keep their stamina up.

That said, there was also a Skull and Bones morale mechanic in some of the earlier betas, which gave another, realistic feature to the pirate game, and made you think about your crew – as any pirate should. Following the final beta and the Skull and Bones release date, this feature was nowhere to be seen, so what happened to it, and how do you interact with your crew now?

A player stands next to a cookery pot where they can make meals to increase morale in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones crew morale

Skull and Bones morale was a feature which forced you to keep your crew happy by regularly feeding them, or else you could face a mutiny. Despite many early players looking forward to this unique mechanic, it was removed before the final release date.

We don’t know why morale was removed from Skull and Bones, but it was presumably to make it easier on players and give them less hostility to worry about on top of enemy AI and players. That said, many have criticized the move, as it was added more depth to a game that wound up feeling a little lacking.

You must still feed your crew and yourself, but this now just increases stamina, and forgetting to feed your crew doesn’t really impact your negatively at all. This actually makes the hunting and cooking mechanic a little redundant, especially since you can also increase your crew stamina by resting and galvanizing your crew at an outpost.

A player stands in front of a pirate bonfire where they can galvanize their crew in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones Pirate bonfire

To keep you crew’s sailing stamina high, you can galvanize your crew at outpost pirate bonfires, like that above. To galvanize your crew, throw powder into a pirate bonfire at an outpost to trigger 20-30 minutes of increased stamina.

This galvanization could be essential in keeping your crew alive in combat, so think about docking in at an outpost on your way to take down those standing in your way to infamy. As you explore the seas around Sainte-Anne, unexplored outposts appear among other destinations as a question mark icon, so be sure to unlock all locations on your map so you can return whenever you need a boost.

In addition to the edible resources you don’t really need, you do need to harvest Skull and Bones Acacia, which we can help you find. And, while you’re ensuring your crew’s stamina is high, and completing Skull and Bones contracts, all the while you’ll be increasing your own Skull and Bones Infamy level – your progress to becoming the most legendary pirate on the high seas.