This Skyrim mod lets you play the whole Daggerfall main quest in the modern engine

Let the Skygerfall, let it crumble

For many Elder Scrolls fans, the series essentially begins with Morrowind. But there are two massive, sprawling procedural worlds that preceded it, and Daggerfall in particular introduced of Tamriel’s most important lore. If that game’s often-fiddly old-school role-playing was too much for you to deal with, and you’re not already occupied with some of the other best Skyrim mods, a new mod transplants Daggerfall’s main story into Skyrim.

Skygerfall isn’t as extensive as the likes of Skywind or Skyblivion. It only aims to bring over the main story, and it doesn’t have the gorgeous look of those other mods – as creator Oracus0 says “I’m not much of a 3D artist,” so the visuals are fairly rudimentary. That said, it’s still a massive new continent with a tremendous amount of quest content to explore.

You’ll find all the main dungeons intact, as well as Daggerfall-specific spells like levitation, mark and recall, and lock and unlock. You’ll see every monster from the original Daggerfall, you’ll be able to turn into a wereboar, and you can bash the stuffing out of locked doors and containers to get places you’re not supposed to go.

You can grab the substantial, 1.4GB file over on Nexus Mods. It’s currently only available for LE, so SSE players are out of luck.

If you’re looking for a more substantial reconstruction, the Daggerfall Unity remake is still on the way, but it’s currently in alpha and likely still a long way from the finish line.