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New Skyrim mod gives the most tranquil feature an immersive overhaul

Dedicated Skyrim modder JaySerpa has now overhauled Bethesda's fishing mechanic, bringing it closer in quality to the rest of the game.

Skyrim mod fishing overhaul: a close up of a pale man in a brown leather hood with red eyes, fishing

Back when fishing was added to Skyrim, I genuinely lost myself in the simple tranquility of the extra mechanic Bethesda built into its ever-expanding vision of Tamriel. The fishing mechanics aren’t anything to write home about, sure, as you’re not getting anything close to Sega Bass Fishing, but it was a fun distraction that made the world of Skyrim feel a little bit more alive. Now, Skyrim’s fishing has been overhauled by one of the most respected modders in the business, making it even more tranquil than before.

As far as Skyrim mods go, ‘JaySerpa’ is one of the best people still actively making them. After bringing over a great Starfield feature to Skyrim, overhauling how NPCs react to invisibility and countless other mods, Bethesda’s take on fishing is their next target. With many a mod under their belt, JaySerpa has changed Skyrim in so many in small, but meaningful ways, and this continues that trend.

Called “Simple Fishing Overhaul,” the idea is to make a series of small changes to fishing to make it feel more in line with the quality of the rest of the game, and change some of the fishing mechanics slightly to make them more engaging in the Bethesda RPG game.

You can fish in first or third person, move the camera in first person while fishing, there’s a new bait requirement for the mini-game, and over 200 lines of quest and reactive dialogue spliced together from Bethesda’s base game.

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The optional bait mechanic will require you to have inexpensive types of bait in your inventory to give fishing a little more depth. “The ingredient will automatically be consumed when starting to fish and does not impact the fishing itself. I’m hoping bait brings a tiny bit of balance to fishing by adding a small ‘cost’ to this activity,” JaySerpa writes.

While there aren’t any new fishing quests added in this mod, as the base game already contains a few, JaySerpa has spliced together existing in-game lines to give them audio, with over 200 lines of new dialogue built in.

If you’re wondering why JaySerpa hasn’t also made new quests for this mod, they also have an answer for you. “I will leave a proper quest expansion for this quest to other mod authors – The Fishing DLC deserves a full-on revoiced approach in my opinion, with new voice actors and better flow. Until we have that, I think my improved vanilla dialogue will have to do for now.”

You’ll want to make sure you check out the FAQ and compatibility of JaySerpa’s fishing mod before you download, but you can find the mod itself right here.

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