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New Skyrim mod brings over a great Starfield feature

A new Skyrim mod brings over a great feature from Starfield, ageing up Bethesda's decade old RPG with some smaller but welcome additions.

Skyrim mod Starfield feature: an orc in armor stood in front of a blurred background of a planet surface and spaceship

Skyrim now has one of the smallest, but most welcome, quality-of-life changes from Starfield that makes exploring with a companion just a touch easier, as modders have once again proved that new life can be breathed into Tamriel with simple changes, especially ones that Bethesda itself implements in later RPGs.

This new Skyrim mod comes from the forever excellent ‘JaySerpa’ and adds a really small feature from Bethesda’s newest release, Starfield, to the decade-old Skyrim. Don’t expect groundbreaking changes to the 2011 RPG game, but do expect a little something that will enhance your adventure the next time you’re greeted by the ice-cold tundra.

The Press E To Heal Followers mod does exactly what JaySerpa says it does, as you can now heal downed companions in Skyrim with a healing potion with the press of a button. The NPCs even react with voiced lines for extra immersion.

“I was playing Skyrimfield and Sarah kept aggroing every single species in the planet we were in. ‘Goddamn it, Sarah. Stop destroying every ecosystem we land in!’ I thought to myself, while I was on my way to heal her,” JaySerpa writes. “Then the thought came to me: This is quite handy. Wouldn’t it be cool to heal followers the same way in Skyrim?”

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There are close to 200 dialogue lines of thanks from NPCs, as you’ll always give them your lowest tier of healing potions (as to not accidentally use your best ones) to instantly get them up. You can even heal NPCs that are in the downed state too, as long as they’re not a follower or enemy.

You can find the small but welcome change over on Nexus Mods, and I wholeheartedly recommend you check out their other work. JaySerpa has even completely revamped the College of Winterhold and made invisibility a bit more immersive too.

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