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These Skyrim mods add entirely new schools of magic to revamp the RPG

Start 2024 strong with some great Skyrim mods with brand new schools of magic, as a dedicated modder continues to release great new ideas.

Skyrim mod magic schools: a cultist in a robe with a stone squid mask, shooting fire from his outstretched right hand

If you’re looking to completely revamp the magic available in Tamriel through a series of Skyrim mods I have just the mod collection for you. Modder ‘Kittytail’ uploaded a series of magic mods throughout 2023, with two already out in 2024, to the RPG that give you a wide variety of entirely new magic spells. While they’ve proved widely popular, I’ve brought some of the coolest, and newest ones from this year, into one place.

Skyrim mods for the magic system in Bethesda’s game are often some of the best, giving you entirely new ways to engage with the world, fight bandits, and progress your build in your umpteenth playthrough. This is where Skyrim modder Kittytail comes in as they’ve spent a lot of 2023, and already a lot of 2024, bringing you some great magic overhauls to the RPG, and I wanted to spotlight them.

This year we’ve already got Frostbitten Dreams and Dark Hierophant magic schools, both of which add 15 spells from two schools of magic between them. The visuals and mechanics of these are like nothing I’ve ever seen in the game before, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise from the same person behind bringing Witcher spells to Skyrim.

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Then you’ve also got the eldritch-looking Abyssal Tides magic from 2023, alongside Abyssal Wind poison spells, frost elemental Winter Wonderland spells, and the Obscure Magic set that covers multiple schools. These are just the tip of the iceberg with Kittytail’s mod packs, each with tens of thousands of downloads.

If you’re looking to spice up your time in Tamriel in 2024 then, a collection of these mods is certainly for you. You can find all of Kittytail’s Skyrim mods right here, with the two from 2024 right at the front of their mod list.

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