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New Skyrim mod introduces the most hated food in America

This new Skyrim mod introduces the most hated food in America to the land of Tamriel, as Marmite spread finally comes to the decade-old Bethesda RPG.

Skyrim mod marmite: a Skyrim cultist holding a jar of marmite

Skyrim finally contains the most hated food in America thanks to an incredible mod, as the Bethesda RPG sees the most quintessential British food spread added to the land of Tamriel in what I can only describe as the greatest Skyrim mod ever made.

That’s right, Skyrim now has Marmite in it. The British cuisine has made its way to Tamriel by way of a Skyrim mod, and I can already see it fitting right in as you explore the land and need something with a little bit of a salty kick for your freshly baked bread.

Coming from modder ‘Jamiedow99’, Marmite can restore both your health and stamina upon consumption in the RPG game or be cooked in a cooking pot, but this is absolutely not how you should be eating it, and I’m worried the mod is going to continue to present the food spread in the wrong light. With the Elder Scrolls 6 release date a ways off, Marmite in Skyrim should keep you busy enough.

skyrim mod marmite: buying marmite from a vendor in skyrim

Just like the infamous Vegemite, I’m always seeing Americans eat Marmite straight out of the jar, and I don’t want this Skyrim mod to perpetuate that inaccuracy. So get your pens and pencils out, it’s lesson time.

The easiest and best way to eat Marmite is on toast. Simply butter the fresh slices and thinly spread (this is key) the Marmite over any pieces. I love to get one big dollop on a knife and use that across both slices of toast, letting the butter slowly melt in with the Marmite to create a salty and smooth taste.

You can also put a bit of Marmite in a casserole or stew, to give the flavor a bit of a hearty punch perfect for this time of year. The key is to always use the spread is moderation, and not overdo it for a laugh and end up with an incredibly condensed salty flavor.

Back to the mod, you can have Marise in Riften sell Marmite to you if you have another mod, Container Item Distributor, installed, and she offers it to you for a whopping 304 gold. That’s more than mead pie, a jug of milk, carrots, chickens, and everything else she sells combined.

You can download the mod right now and get to grips with the British icon. Let’s see if bread and butter pudding can make the jump alongside a Sunday roast next.

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