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Skyrim mod adds a whole-new region one third the size of the base game

This new Skyrim mod adds an entire region one third the size of Bethesda's game, with new lore, quests, NPCs, and locations to explore.

Skyrim mod new region: an orc bearing their lower teeth, wearing iron armor and brandishing a weapon

I love a Skyrim mod that’s basically a piece of DLC, giving us all more reasons to lose countless hours to the RPG. Just when you thought Starfield or Fallout 4’s next gen update could bring you back to a different Bethesda game, the dedicated modding community has done it again. With a whole new region, hundreds of quests, NPCs, locations, and entirely new lore to get engrossed in, welcome to the region of Shumer.

Approximately the size of three Skyrim holds, or a third of Bethesda’s map, the new ‘Shumer and the Preist Kings’ mod brings a lot to the RPG. There are over 150 new marked locations, 80 underground locations, 1,000 NPCs and 8,500 lines of dialogue, and almost 200 quests to complete. With so many Bethesda games constantly getting DLC-sized player creations, this Skyrim mod is yet another to add to your list.

Shumer also has a rich backstory, with 52 new books covering Shumerian history, 42 journals scattered around the map, and plenty of NPC-written letters bringing more life to the world. If you’re looking for a completely new Skyrim experience to tide yourself over until the Elder Scrolls 6 release date, this is it.

“This is a mod translating a large DnD campaign of mine into Skyrim,” modder ‘agerweb’ writes. “The story is set on the continent of Shumer which has its own history, religion, and myths, stretching back 4,000 years. This is a narrative mod telling the story of Shumer, a story the player will learn by completing quests, reading books, journals, and letters, and talking to people. The mysteries of the past still have relevance to present-day Shumer.”

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There’s so much life in this mod, with bustling town centers, far-reaching flower fields, new dank caves, and tons to explore. Skyrim has always been excellent at giving you an open world filled with surprises at every turn, so it’s nice to get a creation that looks to channel that after we’ve all played the vanilla game so many times.

Shumer and the Priest Kings can be downloaded right here, with extra notes on compatibility as the mod uses custom fonts.

With Bethesda’s last single-player take on Tamriel over a decade old, you might want to try some other fantasy games. Alternatively, you can play a suite of games like Skyrim, if you want something a little different after all this time.

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