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This Skyrim sale is the perfect antidote after too much Starfield

A new Skyrim Steam sale is here to combat your Starfield woes, offering up Bethesda's best RPG at a colossal discount, if fantasy is more your thing.

Skyrim sale Steam: a Khajiit cat man in bright armor with a matching sword and shield

If you’re done with Starfield and want to revisit Bethesda’s most longstanding RPG to date you’ll be glad to know that Skyrim is currently dirt cheap as part of a new sale. I know talk of Skyrim isn’t exactly new, but who can argue with such a good deal for a modern classic.

Starfield has been a bit mixed for a lot of players, so if you want to go back to Skyrim instead, this ongoing Steam sale is the perfect time to dive into the definitive version of Tamriel.

With a few RPG games under its belt, Bethesda’s magnum opus is still Skyrim. The sense of wonder, focus on dense and engaging exploration, freedom of character build expression, and almost deliberate simplicity that makes it easily approachable all work together so well and I’m not sure if Bethesda has nailed it again since.

Skyrim Steam sale

The Skyrim Steam sale is currently ongoing and there are multiple versions you can get, so we’ve broken them down for you below.

  • Skyrim Special Edition is 80% off, so expect to pay $7.99 / £6.99
  • Skyrim Anniversary Edition is 67% off, so expect to pay $16.49 / £14.18
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Both editions come with all DLC, but the Special Edition has improved textures and graphics settings over the original 2011 release, while the Anniversary Edition has even more improvements, alongside 26 new official creations added to the game as well. This includes the most important of them all: fishing.

You’ve not got long though, as the Skyrim Steam sale ends on Friday, October 20 later this week. You can nab Skyrim right here though, so be sure to check it out if you want to go back to one of the greatest RPGs ever made. You can also play Skyrim on PC via Game Pass, although this will be through Xbox’s own launcher and not Steam.

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