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A new playable build of this Skyrim multiplayer mod will be available every day

"Nightly builds" of Skyrim Together will be automatically published every day - but you should be prepared for some bugs

Skyrim Together

The developers of Skyrim Together, a Skyrim multiplayer mod that intends to allow up to eight people to play through Bethesda’s fantasy RPG at the same time, say that they are going to release a new playable build of the game every night.

In a recent report, published via both Reddit and Discord, the developers say that while “we still have no release date for the open beta to communicate […] “we will be introducing nightly builds for people to try out.” These are likely to be buggy and in some cases unstable, but will offer the mod’s community the first opportunity to play since the Skyrim Together closed beta came to an end in March.

The report describes the nightly builds as “experimental versions representing the current state of the mod,” and an attempt to see the developers’ progress “from a new perspective.” The builds will be automatically built and published every evening, based on the work from the day before.

As a result, they’ll be pretty unstable at times, but the modders say they’ll be using the new builds to collect more crash reports, which should help with progress in the long run. The builds won’t have their own servers, which means you’ll need to get to grips with the newly-released client. Instructions on that front can be found in discussions on the mod’s Discord.

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Development of the mod is irregular, but the developers say that the money they earn through their Patreon is yet to be redrawn, and that they are working to ensure that donations are withdrawn under a proper legal structure. Progress had been held back by the use of “protected code” from Skyrim Script Extender, but that code has now been removed. An open beta and a full release are still likely to be a while away, but the release of the nightly builds do at least appear to be a step in the right direction.