Slime Rancher is coming to the big screen, and I can’t wait

Story Kitchen has partnered with developer Monomi Park to create and release an official Slime Rancher film adaptation based off of the cozy sandbox games.

Slime Rancher movie: a woman with turquoise hair wields a blaster gun and runs, surrounded by adorable slime creatures of all colors

Slime Rancher is an all-time favorite sandbox game of mine, thanks to its absolutely adorable premise and cozy gameplay. If you also love the wholesome experience provided by Monomi Park’s duo of games, then you’ll probably be just as excited as I am to learn that an official Slime Rancher movie has just been confirmed to be underway. That’s right, the indie developer is teaming up with Story Kitchen for a film adaptation of the hit games.

Years have now passed since the initial early access launch of Slime Rancher back in 2016, with the game selling over six million copies to date. The original Slime Rancher continues to stand as one of the most highly-rated games on Steam, with an average score of 10/10 or 98% and overwhelmingly positive reviews overall. Its 2022 sequel, Slime Rancher 2, has seen a similar success with a wonderful reception from fans and over 300,000 copies sold within just one week.

If you’ve not played either game yourself and are wondering what makes Slime Rancher so great, it probably has to do with its colorful collectathon mechanics. You play as Beatrix LeBeau, a rancher stationed light years away from Earth, catching and caring for rainbow-hued slimes of all shapes and sizes. Cute, right? Downright precious, more like.

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Its film adaptation was just revealed to be in the works, courtesy of Deadline, Story Kitchen has joined Monomi Park to create the movie. Story Kitchen is also working on the official Vampire Survivors animated series along with other video game screen adaptations, covering genres of all sorts from Tomb Raider to Splinter Cell.

I personally can’t wait to see how the Slime Rancher movie unfolds, and I wonder if it’s going to follow the story of the original game’s protagonist. I’m always down to learn more about characters, especially the more mysterious ones like Beatrix LeBeau. Can you even begin to imagine with the precious slimes will look like bouncing around, live on-screen? I’m ready.

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