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How do Smite 2 Legacy Gems work?

Smite 2 Legacy Gems reward Smite players for their previous purchases, so here’s how they work, and what they can and can’t buy you.

Baron Samedi surounded by glittering green Smite 2 Legacy Gems.

What are Smite 2 Legacy Gems? Smite 2 was announced during the Smite World Championships 2024, and the first question fans had was what would happen to all their Smite skins and purchases. Of course, Titan Forge Games has already thought of this, and Legacy Gems are their solution.

Since Titan Forge Games won’t bring old skins to Smite 2, they had to implement something to keep players happy, especially considering the game dates back ten years now meaning some players have spent hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on skins. Smite 2 Legacy Gems are just that, turning all of your Smite purchases into a discount on Smite 2 skins. Given there’s some confusion about just how Smite 2 Legacy Gems work, here’s everything you need to know about the all-new MOBA game currency.

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Smite 2 Legacy Gems

Smite 2 Legacy Gems are awarded to every Smite player, equal to the number of Gems spent in the original game. Earn two Legacy Gems for every Gem spent when you purchase the Smite 2 Founder’s Pack.

As Legacy Gems are only rewarded for every Gem spent and not every Gem purchased, be sure to spend any currency you still have in the first game.

Smite 2 Legacy Gems are the developer’s solution to being unable to port Smite 1 skins to the new game. To reward players for their time, money, and dedication in the first Smite game, every spent gem is reflected in Smite 2, and can be used “to pay for 50% of most in-game purchases in SMITE 2.” It’s this wording, confirmed in a Twitter announcement, that has confused some players. So what can you actually purchase with Legacy Gems?

Firstly, you do still have to spend money in Smite 2. To use your Legacy Gems, you must still purchase regular Smite Gems to pay for the other half of eligible skins. Legacy Gems can simply be used to reduce the cost of Smite 2 skins.

Smite 2 Legacy Gems: A cross-gen Smite 2 skin for Ymir, Blobmir.

More pressing is the wording of “most in-game purchases”, which some feel is a way to excuse popular skins being ineligible for Legacy Gem purchase. On the contrary, Titan Forge’s Alex Cantatore confirmed during a Smite 2 dev panel that this is simply regarding licensed skins, which usually cannot be reduced. He implied that all unlicensed skins should be available to purchase through the Legacy Gems feature, and perhaps even some licensed ones.

So, there’s going to be plenty of skins to get your hands on with Smite 2 Legacy Gems, alongside a load of cross-gen skins you can start collecting right away with the Smite 2 Divine Legacy event and the Immortal Honor event. While you’re looking into the upcoming game, take a look at our Smite 2 pre-alpha preview to find out just how much better Smite 2 is, and make sure you sign up for the Smite 2 alpha and make your own mind up.