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Smite is coming to Steam soon; grab a key now

Smite coming to Steam soon

Update: It’s out now. Download it from Steam for free.

There was a dark time when developers sold their children to get onto Steam. It was a Big Deal. Who would Valve choose next? How many sacrifices would be necessary? Should you sacrifice under a full moon? Does Gabe prefer burnings? Now any old rubbish can appear on Steam, but undoubtedly it remains a good way to get eyes on games. 

A month ago, Hi-Rez’s god-smashing MOBA, Smite, celebrated 10 million registered accounts, so obviously it doesn’t need to be on Steam. But it’s launching on the platform anyway, which is I suppose convenient if you want to keep all of your games in one place. 

Hi-Rez president Stewart Chisam announced, on Twitter, the imminent launch of the MOBA on Steam. It’s coming “soon”, he promised.

If you fancy helping Hi-Rez out by testing the Steam integration, you can grab a key here(Looks like the keys are all gone now, but you might want to check back later) and start testing.

You’ll be able to use your current account, if you have one, and if you’d rather not make the move to Steam when it happens, you’ll also be able to keep using your old installation.

A new god appeared in Smite’s pantheon a couple of days ago, too: Xing Tian. Take a gander at this here video to get the skinny on this fella.