The first Sniper Elite 5 DLC is inspired by a classic WW2 film

Landing Force is the first piece of post-launch DLC for Sniper Elite 5, and it adds a new mission and some new WW2 weapons like the PPSh submachine gun

Sniper Elite 5 DLC: Karl Fairburne holds a DL Carbine while hiding behind a pillar overlooking a Nazi production line in a factory.

A big patch arrived today for Sniper Elite 5, signalling the arrival of the WW2 game’s first shipment of post-launch DLC and update 1.21. The base game has gotten some attention, too, but the expansion is worth a look – especially if you’re a fan of classic WW2 films.

The Landing Force DLC is available on its own or as part of the Sniper Elite 5 season pass. It’s set on an island off the southern coast of France, where a luxury resort carved into the cliffs has been converted into a Nazi coastal gun battery. If that sounds like a familiar premise, it may be because the mission was inspired by the classic WW2 film The Guns of Navarone.

You’ll approach at midnight and your job is to shut down both the guns that dominate the landscape and the lighthouse nearby, which will signal to the waiting Allied fleet that Operation Dragoon can commence.

The Landing Force DLC also includes two new weapons. There’s the D.L. Carbine, which features an integrated suppressor and subsonic ammo – perfect for stealthy approaches to the cliffside gun emplacement. If you’d prefer to go loud, there’s the classic Russian PPSh submachine gun, which Rebellion describes as “the perfect ‘get out of jail’ card” for those wonderful Sniper Elite moments when a plan goes completely to pieces. You’ll need to scour the map to find a special workbench in order to unlock the PPSh’s custom 71-round drum mag.

If you don’t plan to buy the DLC or season pass, you’re still getting a chunky update for Sniper Elite 5. Update 1.21 adds a new multiplayer map called Flooded Village, inspired by D-Day Normandy. It’s available for all of Sniper Elite 5’s multiplayer modes.

There’s also a new shooting range, and some new multiplayer features like inviting your friends to jump into your game as invaders and support for kick voting. You’ll also be able to mark yourself as ‘ready’ in multiplayer lobbies in order to get the match started faster.

The full Sniper Elite 5 update 1.21 patch notes can be found on Steam. The patch itself weighs in at around 37.1 GB, without the new DLC.