Sniper Elite 5 update adds a free new map and ghillie suits

The latest Sniper Elite 5 update includes new season pass content, plus a free new survival map that's set in the ruins of a picturesque French city

Sniper Elite 5 update: Karl Fairburne readies a suppressed pistol as he crouches behind a doorway that leads out onto a balcony where a German soldier stands guard, unaware of his presence.

A big Sniper Elite 5 update has just arrived, and it adds a supply drop of new content to one of the latest entries on our list of the best sniper games. With this update, Sniper Elite 5 season pass owners are getting the Concealed Target pack, which includes new camouflage gear, a new sidearm, and a new set of weapon skins. The update also adds a new survival map that’s free for all Sniper Elite 5 players.

The Concealed Target pack includes new ghillie suit elite character skins for Karl and Monika. Both skins feature a raggedy mane of torn cloth and foliage meant to break up the snipers’ silhouette when they’re trying to remain unseen in the field.

The pack also includes the new HS.22 pistol, which features an integrated suppressor. It fires small .22 calibre rounds, which means it’s about as close to completely silent as a firearm can get. Additionally, the pack includes the new pea dot camo skin for weapons. With its orange base and polka dot pattern, this skin looks quite a bit louder than it is.

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The Concealed Target DLC is included with the Sniper Elite 5 season pass, but it can also be purchased separately for $9.99 USD / £8.99 GBP.

Every Sniper Elite 5 player gets access to the new Amongst The Rubble map included in the latest update. The survival map is set in the French city of Saint-Nazaire, which has been bombed to ashes, with only hints left of its former beauty. Either alone or part of a co-op team, you’ll have to defend the command post from a “seemingly never-ending stream of enemies” in Amongst The Rubble.

Rebellion has added a few new fan-requested features in this update as well, including map voting and prestige mode, which lets you reset progress multiple times if you wish. You can prestige when you’ve reached level 50 in Sniper Elite 5’s adversarial multiplayer modes.