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Magic creator’s new tabletop CCG now has an official Steam version

SolForge Fusion is a card-battler that uses algorithmically generated faction decks that you can endlessly combine, and now there's a Steam demo.

Last time we checked in on SolForge Fusion – the latest game from Magic: the Gathering and Artifact designer Richard Garfield – it was gearing up for its launch on tabletops as a physical card game that would at some point also be playable in Tabletop Simulator. Now it’s getting its own official digital version, and you can try the demo out now on Steam.

SolForge Fusion has some top-level similarities to Magic: the Gathering and other card games you may have already played, but it’s got its own unique charms, too. Each turn involves drawing a whole new hand, and cards gain power the more you play them, “leveling up” over the course of the game.

Similar to Magic’s Jumpstart decks, SolForge Fusion involves “fusing” two half-decks in order to create a full deck, and the physical packs can be scanned and added to your online SolForge Fusion account.

Positioning matters too, as you’ll have five lanes to work with as well as forward and rear positions for attack and defense, respectively. Playing through the tutorial, it’s a pleasantly simple game to play, but one that offers a lot of potential for interesting combos and gambits that take multiple turns to pay off.

Check out the Steam page to download the SolForge Fusion demo as part of Steam’s deckbuilder fest, and be sure to check out our list of the best roguelike games if you’re looking for more procedurally generated fun.

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