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Solo Leveling Arise Cutting Ties guide

Clearing some missions in Solo Leveling Arise isn't as simple as killing everything as quickly as possible, such as the Cutting Ties quest.

How to defeat the remnants in Solo Leveling Arise: a blonde character with brown eyes looks towards you on a green background

How do you defeat the Remnants in Solo Leveling Arise? Netmarble has created a whole new world for Solo Leveling fans to explore with its latest action game, letting fans jump into their favorite new anime world and clear dungeons as their favorite hunters.

Some of the missions that take place in Solo Leveling Arise are a bit more straightforward to complete than others, though. Regardless of what difficulty you’re playing on, fully completing the Cutting Ties mission takes some patience and cunning. You might want to check out our Solo Leveling Arise tier list for the best characters to use here.

How to defeat the Remnants in Solo Leveling Arise Cutting Ties

Solo Leveling Arise Cutting Ties side chapter

Before you can even get to this mission, you’ll need to advance all the way until chapter four in Solo Leveling Arise. Once you do, a brand new side chapter called Cutting Ties will open up. These stories feature 18 mission objectives spread throughout six different battles.

It is recommended that you be at least level 15 before starting. When you do, you’ll take over Jo Kyuhwan and Hwang Dongsuk’s party and complete the following missions:

  • An Unexpected Accident
  • Flee
  • Disharmony
  • Halfway Point

While you don’t need to clear them, it is recommended that you do so that you’ll get the four draw cards as a reward for 100 percent clearing the chapter. Once you finish Halfway Point, the next mission is Defeat the Remnants.

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How to defeat the Remnants in Solo Leveling Arise

This isn’t necessarily a difficult mission to finish, as the majority of the monsters you end up fighting are weak ads. Each fight really focuses on quantity vs quality. The kicker comes when trying to complete all three objectives to successfully clear the battle and obtain at least an SSS score, especially the objectives that must be completed in the final area of the battle.

When you reach the final stage of this battle mission, you’re asked to hold out against the swarming ants until time runs out. The secondary battle mission objectives also include the following:

  • Take damage less than 19 times
  • Win with fewer than one fallen hunter
  • Defeat 35 or more monsters and win

The first two objectives are pretty easy, especially if you select a skilled hunter who can do damage from a distance, like Song Chi-Yul. The hard part is the last objective, which asks you to defeat 35 or more monsters and win. On paper, this doesn’t sound very difficult.

The hard part comes in when dealing with a specific type of enemy that only pops up in this area. While the majority of the 35 ants are just general worker ants, there are pink ones that explode after a short period of time or after enough damage is done to them.

If these pink ants explode before you’re able to kill them, they won’t count toward your final tally of defeated enemies. Furthermore, as soon as the fight begins, you’re only given 40 seconds to defeat all 35 of these enemies, including the exploding pink ants.

So, how exactly do you manage to take out all of these enemies in such a short amount of time while also taking out the pink ants before they explode? It’s a little bit of luck, timing, and skill.

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you’ve got a high-level character that deals solid areas of effect damage. This will not only take care of the grunts, but it will also target the pink ants before they explode themselves.

Solo Leveling Arise Cutting Ties success screen

While there is a fair amount to choose from, Song Chi-Yul seems like the best choice for approaching this specific mission. Using his fire-tornado skill, you’ll be able to suck in any ant within its area and destroy them almost instantly, especially if he is at least level 12.

The tricky part can be making sure that the pink ants are grouped up near one another to prevent them from exploding outside of the area of effect. That is where a little luck might be necessary. It took about three or so tries to line them up successfully, but it was a lot more effective than when approaching the fight using hunters like Hwang Dongsuk to try and strong-arm the fight.

Once you clear Defeat the Remnants, then you’ll only have on more side story chapter left to clear, called The Threat. Upon clearing all six of these sections and their 18 objectives, you’ll be rewarded with four draw cards that can be used to unlock rare items, resources, or even characters.

That is just about all you need to know about how to finish the Defeat the Remnants portion of the Cutting Tides side story. We’ve also got guides on the Solo Leveling Arise Igris boss fight, as well as how to dodge in Solo Leveling Arise, and our Solo Leveling Arise codes guide will come in handy for some useful freebies.