Sonic Forces dashes onto PC this November

Sonic Forces DLC

While many Sonic fans are enraptured by Sonic Mania, there is still another Sonic game set to come out this year. Sega have announced today that Sonic Forces will launch worldwide on November 7.

Blast back to the past with these classic PC games.

With Sonic Mania being the offering from fans of classic 2D Sonic, Sonic Forces is for those who prefer the blue blur’s 3D adventures. Besides it being in 3D and starring both Classic and Modern Sonic, Sonic Forces’ main selling point is its custom character creator. Yes, you can finally make your Sonic original character a reality.

Not only that, but some pre-order DLC for Sonic Forces allows you to dress them up as other Sega characters. If you pre-order the Bonus Edition of Sonic Forces, you’ll get access to five extra costumes which are based on characters from various Sega games. These are:

  • A mask and outfit based on Joker from Persona 5
  • A hat based on Puyo Puyo
  • A hat and outfit based on Nights from Nights: Into Dreams
  • Glasses and an outfit based on Beat from Jet Set Radio
  • Ears and an outfit based on AiAi from Super Monkey Ball

If you’ve always wanted to dress up your Sonic OC as the main character from Persona 5, now’s your chance. There is also a Shadow the Hedgehog outfit that seems to be exclusive to European retailers, so keep an eye out for that if you are dying to cosplay as the edgiest hedgehog alive.

Assuming Sega don’t pull a Sonic Mania and delay the PC version by two weeks, Sonic Forces will be available on November 7.