How to get the Sonic Frontiers Soap Shoes DLC

Learn what Sonic Frontiers DLC has been confirmed so far and how you can get your hands on the iconic Soap Shoes from Sonic Adventure 2

Want to get your hands on the Sonic Frontiers Soap Shoes DLC from Sonic Adventure 2? If you bought the Digital Deluxe version of the open world game, then you will get some additional in-game items to help you during the opening moments of your adventures across Cyberspace.

However, some other Sonic Frontiers DLC is available in the near future and aren’t just additional objects you can otherwise collect in the main game. So if you have yearned for Sonic to relive the early 2000s with his iconic Soap Shoes or feel that he needs some spit-roasted meat in his diet, then read on to learn how you can get them for free.

Sonic Frontiers DLC - Sonic is grinding on a rail in mid-air while wearing his Soap Shoes. They are red with a white stripe and have special soles with a plastic tube for easier grinding.

How to get Soap Shoes in Sonic Frontiers

Those who miss the Soap Shoes from Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast (or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on the GameCube) will be pleased to know they’re back as free DLC. For those who don’t know what they are, Soap Shoes are trainers with a hard plastic groove in the middle of the sole that allows the wearer to grind on rails, much like Sonic does in every single game since Sonic Adventure 2.

While the company that makes them went out of business over a decade ago, and more recent re-releases of Sonic Adventure 2 have removed them from the game, these sneakers have endured in the hearts and minds of Sonic fans. To get the Soap Shoes DLC in Sonic Frontiers, you must sign up for the Sonic Frontiers newsletter before January 31, 2023. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the official Sonic Frontiers website.
  • Click Newsletter at the top of the screen.
  • Enter your details, making sure you select your country and the platform of choice to receive the DLC.
  • After completing the newsletter, you’ll receive a verification email in your inbox. Follow the instructions to confirm your approval for signing up.

Once you have finished the signup process, you’ll get a second email welcoming you and informing you that the Soap Shoes DLC is on its way. It’ll appear in your inbox within the next few days, along with instructions for how to set it up.

Sonic Frontiers Digital Deluxe DLC

The Digital Deluxe version of Sonic Frontiers comes with two DLC packs: The Adventurer’s Treasure Box and the Explorer’s Treasure Box. Both contain a trove’s worth of valuable upgrades that Sonic can use on his journey.

However, it’s important to note that owners of the Deluxe Edition need to install both Adventurer’s Treasure Box and Explorer’s Treasure Box DLC before starting a new game. The contents will not appear until after you complete the tutorial, but you can use them after the world opens up. This is due to a bug in the game’s code.

The Adventurer’s Treasure Box contains some skill points to spend on new moves for Sonic, as well as Red Seeds of Power and Blue Seeds of Defense to increase his stats when given to Elder Koko.

As for the Explorer’s Treasure Box, you get some Amy’s Memory tokens which you can give to Amy Rose to help restore her form, a Portal Gear you can use to unlock new stages, and Chaos Emerald Vault keys to make grabbing these powerful jewels as simple as it can be. You’ll also get a digital art book with a 25-track digital mini soundtrack, as well as additional gloves and shoes that Sonic can wear.

Sonic Frontiers DLC - Sonic is wearing armour made from the carcass of a Rathalos. He is sat on a bench in a forest cooking meat on a makeshift campfire. A cat-like creature is cheering him on with pompoms.

Upcoming Sonic Frontiers DLC

The only other DLC we know about is an upcoming collaboration with Monster Hunter. This will give Sonic some armour based on the Rathalos, as well as the meat-grilling minigame from the Monster Hunter games. This isn’t the first collaboration between Sega and Capcom, as Sonic items appeared in Monster Hunter Rise as rewards for completing an event quest. The Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter DLC will be available for free from November 14.

And that’s all of the Sonic Frontiers DLC we know of so far. The blue blur’s latest adventure will take longer to finish than most, given its rather confusing open world design. We have a Sonic Frontiers map with details on how to reveal segments of all of the islands. Additionally, we have a full Sonic Frontiers characters and cast list for the platform game if you can’t place all of the voices.