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Steam dominated by Sega as Sonic Frontiers and FM23 fly

Both Sonic Frontiers and Football Manager 2023 have had some major Steam success since release, with concurrent records and reviews being smashed

Steam dominated by Sega as Sonic Frontiers and FM23 fly

Who doesn’t love a good Steam success? Well Sega is certainly basking in multiple at the moment as recent releases Sonic Frontiers and Football Manager 2023 are both shooting up the Steam charts, with concurrent player counts breaking records and positive player receptions to both the open-world and simulation games.

Sega’s Sonic Team has been working on Sonic Frontiers for some time now, and the “open-zone” take on the series has proved to be quite successful, as it has the highest concurrent player count of any of the Sonic games on Steam at 19,181. The second highest Sonic game is Sonic Mania, at 11,937.

Steam’s player response to Sonic Frontiers has also been incredibly positive, with almost 6,000 reviews averaging out at an average of “overwhelmingly positive” as well. This only accounts for Steam of course, so other PC platforms and consoles don’t come into the equation.

On top of that, Football Manager 2023 is doing incredibly well on Steam, too. While it doesn’t have the highest concurrent player peak of the yearly sports game series, it does eclipse current concurrent players of previous games of the series, at around 60,000 as of publication. This is more difficult to judge than Sonic though, as these yearly titles often perform better than previous versions, especially around release. That said, Football Manager 2023 does also have a “Very Positive” rating, which is a good sign for the reception of the Sega-published game.

Football Manager 2023 has also kept up its average player count since releasing on Steam quite nicely, although there’s no telling by how much this could drop off over the rest of the launch period.

You can find Sonic Frontiers Steam data here, alongside the data for Football manager 2023 as well.

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