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Sons of the Forest cheats and console commands

Sons of the Forest cheats and console commands could overhaul your experience in the survival horror game, allowing you to pretty much do what you want.

Sons of the Forest cheats: The player hunts for food in the ocean and finds a turtle

What are the Sons of the Forest cheats? Although using cheats and console commands might feel like a pointless way to cheese your way through the horror game, they would certainly make a second playthrough with friends a lot more fun, and they can be used to help you out in a pinch – or rather, in a dark, cannibal-infested cave.

There were plenty of The Forest cheats and console commands – the predecessor to Sons of the Forest – with all sorts of effects, including invincibility, free items, killing enemies, and more. With the Sons of the Forest release date finally here and the early access game in our hands, does the new horror game have its methods of giving you a leg up? Here’s everything you need to know about Sons of the Forest cheats and console commands.

Sons of the Forset cheats: Big head mode, Kelvin sits by the ocean, with a larger than usual head.

Are there Sons of the Forest cheats and console commands?

There are no Sons of the Forest cheats available right now. However, we still expect cheats to be added in the future as they were integrated into The Forest.

Turn off structure damage

It’s not a cheat as such, but you can turn off structure damage in the Gameplay menu. So, if you’re struggling against those terrifying cannibals, that’s one option you can use to make gameplay easier.

Sons of the Forest cheats mod

There is already a way to use Sons of the Forest cheats in the survival game, as a cheats mod has been released. Download the mod here to gain access to the following Sons of the Forest cheats and more:

  • Infinite health
  • Infinite stamina
  • Infinite hydration
  • Infinite fuel
  • Infinite flashlight battery
  • Infinite printer resin
  • Unlimited ammo
  • One hit cut trees
  • Build anywhere
  • Stop time

However, we have heard that some players have been banned for using the above mod in multiplayer games, so download and use at your own risk.

Big Head mode

It’s not really a cheat, but there is another option you can turn on in the Gameplay menu which changes your game, and that’s Big Head mode. Rather than making any changes to how your game looks, this is simply a funny graphics change that, quite literally, gives everyone a big head. Kelvin, cannibals, and Virginia will all look like moving bobbleheads, and we love it, quite frankly.

While that’s all we know about Sons of the Forest cheats for now, we’ll be sure to update this guide once we know more – that is unless we’ve been captured and eaten alive by any of the Sons of the Forest mutants. If you’re struggling to survive, check out our list of the best Sons of the Forest weapons you can use to arm yourself, as well as the Sons of the Forest shovel location – you can’t defend yourself with it, but you’ll certainly need it.