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Sons of the Forest gets full release date, casts beloved X-Men star

Endnight Games reveals that Sons of the Forest 1.0 is coming soon, and its full release sees actor Shawn Ashmore join to voice Timmy.

Sons of the Forest full release: A man with short brown hair stares off to the side, his face empty, with a deciduous forest behind him

Sons of the Forest is back with some exciting news, as Endnight says the 1.0 release is just on the horizon. The indie developer first dropped its highly anticipated sequel to The Forest in early access in February, with regular content updates since. The full release sounds like it’ll be pretty big too, with Endnight revealing the addition of an iconic actor and new story content. If you’ve been searching for more Timmy lore since the first game, 1.0 has a lot in store for you.

While Sons of the Forest gives us a few brief scenes with Timmy, there are still so many questions about the first game’s lost little boy that lack answers. The sequel follows The Forest’s true ending, in which Timmy survives and suppresses his mutations while researching a new site, the island we play on in Sons of the Forest. This is where Endnight’s recent 1.0 reveal comes into play, as it may tie everything together.

The survival game‘s story continues in the sequel but with far less depth in the early access version. We do encounter Timmy a few times, most notably at the end of the game, but it’s all largely left to speculation. We could learn Timmy’s and PuffCorp’s full story if he gets a voice, and he’s really getting one now. Endnight revealed in a post that Shawn Ashmore will join the game to act as Timmy for the big 1.0 release on Thursday, February 22.

This is massive since neither The Forest nor Sons of the Forest has any voice acting. Fans have asked in the past about the possibility of voiced lines, pointing to certain trailer moments with hope. The addition of Ashmore is doubly exciting considering the actor’s impressive roles, from Bobby Drake in X-Men to Tim Breaker in Alan Wake 2, one of this year’s GOTY nominees.

While Endnight hasn’t yet revealed details of how they plan to expand Timmy’s role “in the game and story,” the fact that such a prominent actor is voicing the character likely means that we’re getting a ton of endgame lore and more with 1.0. The developer also expresses its joy about the game’s content “beyond” the full release, which means we’ll see even more updates.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait. While I do though, I’ll just sit here and plan out where to build my new home when 1.0 drops with the help of our handy guide on the best Sons of the Forest base locations. If you want to play through something else while you wait, you can also check out a few of our other favorite horror games for extra chills and thrills.

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