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Bloodborne meets Disco Elysium in gorgeous new steampunk RPG, out now

The gloomy, Victorian aesthetic of Bloodborne mixes with the in-depth dialogue and choices of Disco Elysium in a gorgeous new steampunk RPG.

Sovereign Syndicate Steam RPG: A bearded hero from new RPG Sovereign Syndicate

The Bloodborne PC port remains, for now, a distant dream, as FromSoftware pours its efforts into Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree. But if you want some of that bleak, sooty, Victorian visual style, crossed with classic steampunk, and the complex, choice-based narrative of Disco Elysium, a beautiful new RPG, out now, is here just for you. Also reminiscent of Dishonored, and with the instantly striking isometric view of the best CRPGs, such as Fallout 2, it blends customization, intertwining, character-driven stories, and tarot cards for one of the most unique PC games of 2024 so far, and you can get it on Steam right now.

This is Sovereign Syndicate, an open-world RPG set in an alternate, steampunk Victorian London during a recent spate of disappearances. People are vanishing. Questions are piling up. Something’s clearly afoot. Controlling three different characters, you explore the streets of the gloomy capital on the trail of a sinister cult. You can use combat, magic, and persuasion to get your way, and it’s all controlled via an innovative ‘roll’ system that trades dice for the supernatural.

Whether it’s conversation, combat, or other interactions based on chance, outcomes in Sovereign Syndicate are dictated by tarot cards. If the deck’s stacked in your favor, and the cards are mixed just right, expect good things. If fate is against you that day, and you don’t get the right draws, then you might want to change tact.

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You also have different skills and abilities, with each of the three playable protagonists offering their own strengths and weaknesses. Atticus is a minotaur and magician – your go-to for both spellcasting and brute intimidation. Clara is a former pirate, who can weave her way through conversations and pick up on hidden clues. And then there’s Otto, a chunky, iron automaton and logical problem solver.

Alongside tarots and skills, you need to use all the characters in combination to get the most from Sovereign Syndicate. With an intricate dialogue system, beautifully drawn steampunk world, and in-depth CRPG mechanics, you can get it on Steam – and also try a free demo – right now.

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