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Spine release date estimate, trailers, gameplay, and latest news

Everything you need to know about the Spine release date, as well as details on the gun-fu gameplay and the latest development news.

Spine release date: a woman with dyed hair is pinning down a soldier with an automatic rifle to the ground.

When is the Spine release date? If you’re a fan of John Woo films that mix kung fu with pistols, then it’s likely that Spine is on your wishlist. In the cyberpunk dystopian streets, the Tensor AI has taken over the city and is behind the authority’s power via drones to suppress rebellions. Spine puts us in the role of Redline, who has a vendetta against the AI and its ruling elite and will stop at nothing to make them pay.

Gun Fu fans will likely have to wait a long time to play Spine, which is a shame since it has an appealing cyberpunk game aesthetic. This story-based action-adventure game promises a tense “movie-like experience,” that takes advantage of choreography and camera techniques. That said, this is the first non-mobile project from Cypriot developer Nekki, and it’s far from the only game it has revealed in recent months. With that in mind, here’s everything we know about the Spine release date, trailers, and more.

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Spine release date estimate

We expect Spine will release sometime in 2026 at the earliest. The gameplay trailer is the first we’ve seen of Spine in two years, and it looks like it’s in very early development. Nekki has announced no official Spine release date.

When Spine eventually emerges from the shadows, its confirmed platforms are PC via Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. The first trailer mentioned that a version of the game was also apparently coming to iOS and Android mobile devices, though it has since been quietly dropped in the more recent trailer. We currently have no news on if Spine is on Game Pass or not.

Another big snag for fans hoping to see more of Spine any time soon is because of the developer’s other known projects. Nekki also has a Web3 NFT browser game and continuously supports its other mobile games, such as Shadow Fight Arena and the rest of the Shadow Fight series. Understandably, these projects take time.

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Spine trailer

The first Spine trailer follows a woman, whose identity is unclear at this point. We see her clamber across skyscrapers in a futuristic town, all while drones and riot police attempt to track her down. Cornered on a roof, we see the soldiers through her digital vision.

As the soldiers open fire, it’s revealed that the woman running was an illusion this entire time and that her real form is hiding on a roof above. In the final few seconds, we see the woman fighting two adversaries who use some spinning momentum attack, as she uses multiple blades and guns to defend herself desperately.

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Spine gameplay

The second trailer we see labeled itself as a gameplay trailer, but it appears to resemble something more like an in-engine montage of fights, as there’s no hint of the game’s UI, and the action’s very smooth.

As an AI voice is warning Redline about danger on the upper floors, we see her check her guns are fully loaded before the doors open. She makes quick work of the soldiers here, blasting most of them away with a shotgun she steals from a corpse. She is eventually tackled by a riot police officer with a shield, swatting her out of the window and onto a moving train.

We also see some footage of Redline walking on the streets, shooting goons, stylishly reloading her pistol, and even killing a man using the famous Wilhelm scream. In addition to the trailers, the Spine Steam page also references that your cybernetic enhancements are courtesy of the glowing spinal cord attached to Redline’s back. It’s still somewhat early to tell if this is a part of the UI or indicating a choice of perks.

Spine news

The only other thing we know about Spine is that it was initially announced as a team-based multiplayer action game, according to the Nekki Facebook page. However, the latest trailer hints that it’s single-player only. Spine’s Steam page reinforces this new direction and also confirms the game is being made using Unreal Engine 5.

That’s everything we currently know about Spine. If you’re looking for something to play, we have the best new PC games out in the past year, as well as a list of all the upcoming PC games you can get your hands on in the next few months and beyond.