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Stalker 2 dev buys 100 Volkswagens to send to Ukraine

Stalker 2 dev GSC Game World joins an initiative to send 100 Volkswagen Transporters to “defenders of Ukraine,” as we await the FPS game’s launch on Game Pass.

Stalker 2 dev buys 100 Volkswagens to send to Ukraine: A soldier in a gas mask from FPS game Stalker 2

Stalker 2 developer GSC Game World, in partnership with esports behemoths Natus Vincere, has purchased 100 Volkswagen Transporter vans which it plans to send to the “defenders of Ukraine.” The FPS game dev says that four of the vehicles are already in use by members of the ‘Da Vinci Wolves’ unit, which is currently fighting in the city of Bakhmut, and that further vans have also been received by other members of Ukraine’s armed forces. The announcement comes as players await the Stalker 2 release date, and also the arrival of Stalker 2 on Game Pass.

Founded in Kyiv in 1995, GSC Game World temporarily halted development of Stalker 2 after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as it relocated its offices and employees to Prague. The studio has now helped form an initiative to “assist the Armed Forces of Ukraine in their heroic work” by jointly purchasing 100 Volkswagen vans and sending them to the “defenders of Ukraine.”

“The first batches of cars are already in the hands of defenders of Ukraine, helping them defend our land and freedom,” the studio says. “Four of them are already at the disposal of ‘Da Vinci Wolves,’ and another thirteen have been transferred to the 41st Separate Mechanised Brigade. We are proud to assist the Armed Forces of Ukraine in their heroic work.

“Every donation, every volunteer initiative, and any help is important,” the developer continues, “and brings us closer to the day when tens of millions of people will be able to return to peaceful life; the world, to restoration; and stalkers to the Zone.”

GSC Game World shares footage of the Volkswagens, which bear the Stalker 2 emblem, as well as the logos for esports team Natus Vincere, and charity fund the MK Foundation. “Glad to be in one team with you,” the MK Foundation says in reply to GSC’s announcement. “We are approaching victory together, and we can win only together.”

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