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Stalker 2 launch date finalized, pushed back due to technical issues

The final Stalker 2 launch date is here, as GSC Game World admits that it needs to be pushed back due to an array of technical problems.

Stalker 2 launch date: A close-up of a man's face shows an uncertain expression, beads of sweat dripping down to his light facial hair as an orange background bursts in color behind him

Stalker 2 has yet another launch date, as GSC Game World pushes back the highly anticipated survival shooter one more time. We can now expect Stalker 2 towards the end of 2024 due to technical issues that GSC wants to fix.

Stalker 2 has been pushed back once again, now set for release on PC and Xbox Game Pass on Thursday, September 5, 2024. This means the Stalker 2 release date of Q1 2024 has been moved by quite a bit, leaving us waiting a little longer for the FPS game.

GSC says alongside the delay announcement “On the technical side of things — the game needs more time.” Adding “Throughout the frankly challenging development process, we understood the time was of the team’s main essence.

“Seeing the scope of polishing and understanding that we can’t push your patience too much, we were absolutely dedicated to releasing the game in Q1 2024, and we worked extra hard to meet the release window.”

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“That, however, doesn’t change the fact that, at the beginning of this year, we still witnessed the certain amount of technical imperfections that hold Stalker 2 below the expected standards for the final experience our fans are waiting for,” GSC Game World adds.

Considering GSC moved development from Kyiv, Ukraine to Prague in Czechia due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and even fell victim to cyberattacks, it’s no surprise that the development has been delayed.

Our Stalker 2 Gamescom preview from last year loved how tough of a game it was, but with the delay only time will tell if GSC Game World decides to rebalance just what The Zone offers.

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