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Huge new Stalker game, built by fans, is available to play right now

As we eagerly await Stalker 2, the classic apocalypse FPS Call of Pripyat is overhauled into a totally new Stalker game, available now.

New Stalker game: A character from FPS game Stalker Call of Pripyat

Well, this is a very nice way to end the year. As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Stalker 2, and the return of GSC’s iconic apocalypse shooter, what is basically a completely new Stalker game has just dropped out of nowhere, courtesy of a huge overhaul mod for the 2010 classic Call of Pripyat. With new missions, environments, music, a retooled UI, and improved graphics, this is the perfect way to keep busy before Stalker 2 gets here, and you can play it right this second.

The Stalker 2 release date is on its way, with the return of GSC’s open-world survival game marking one of the most anticipated launches of the coming year. Brutal, atmospheric, and often terrifying, the 2010 Stalker Call of Pripyat ends on a grim cliffhanger regarding the nature of the mysterious Zone. Boasting an entirely new storyline, fully voiced cast of characters, and much more, this huge overhaul mod picks up where Pripyat left off.

Welcome to True Stalker, a fan-made pseudo sequel that bridges the narrative gap between Call of Pripyat and Stalker 2. You play as Axe, an ordinary stalker who decides to set off by himself and enter the Zone solo for the first time. Almost everything from the 2010 classic has been revamped and improved.

Visuals are overhauled using a tweaked version of the X-Ray Engine, providing new, dynamic weather patterns and sharper textures. The UI is clearer and more intuitive, and True Stalker is set across 13 different locations, some created from scratch, and some returning from Call of Pripyat itself.

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The most impressive thing however is True Stalker’s completely original story and campaign mode. New missions, cutscenes, fully-voiced characters, and a soundtrack written for the mod specifically, this is basically a new Stalker game, available to play right now. So, if you’re waiting for Stalker 2 and want something for the meantime, check out True Stalker on Mod DB.

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