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Star Citizen’s new ship bundle costs 800 Starfields

How much do you like Star Citizen? Enough to spend $48,000 on it? That's the price tag on this alpha space sim's latest ship bundle.

A massive capital ship, in front of a blue planet.

Star Citizen has a new ship bundle and it’s eye-wateringly expensive, even by this in-development space sim’s standards. How much? The Legatus 2954 pack, which contains nearly every ship in the game, will set you back a not-inconsiderable $48,000 (or 800 Starfields).

Space game Star Citizen has raised an awful lot of money over the years and last month racked up $3m in a single day. But even so, the price tag for its latest ship bundle is enough to launch your monocle into orbit.

Priced at $48,000, the Legatus 2954 pack contains virtually every single in-game that’s been created or announced, as well as a host of in-game items. Of those 180 ships, more than 160 are flyable in game, and 20 or so are still in development.

The ships also come with lifetime insurance, so if your ships get blown up you’ll get the original, un-modified ships back. In other words, this is a chance for players to grab all Star Citizen’s ships in one very, very expensive package.

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And, if you were a prune-skinned villain buying real ships for their space armada, that might not seem like a bad deal. There are some absolutely stonking ships here, including the menacingly pointy Javelin. Who wouldn’t want to rock up on an innocent space-settlement in that.

But these are entirely virtual ships we’re talking about, for a game that, while playable, doesn’t have a final release date in sight. And $48,000 is over three times the annual minimum wage in the US, which adds a little perspective.

Admittedly, Joe Public isn’t the target here and you could, if you grind, earn some of these ships in-game. You need to have spent at least $1,000 on the game to be able to buy this bundle. But it’s still a staggering amount to spend on virtual goods, as Star Citizen YouTuber The Bored Gamer notes.

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“It’s too much money for anyone!”, he remarks, adding that while it might be cheaper than buying the ships individually, Star Citizen’s ship prices have increased over time.

And there’s another snag. “About 1,000 and 2,000 people you’d need to man all of those ships fully. That’s crazy!”, he points out. And, currently, you can’t sell ships so you’d have the bulk of your ships doing nothing.

Will this bundle sell? Almost certainly, and if developer Roberts Industries sells just ten, that’s nearly half-a-million dollars. But at $48,000, this will be too rich for most people’s blood.

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