Star Control: Origins reveals your future alien comrades


It’s been a little while since we heard from Star Control: Origins, the reboot of the classic space combat series that roamed the wild wastelands of the 1990s. But developers Stardock have released a new trailer that showcases some of the alien races you’ll encounter in your struggle against the menacing Scryve.

A friendly orange fellow explains that even though humans have access to nuclear weapons, you can’t fight the Scryve alone. As the trailer suggests, you’ll have to team up with the species scattered around the galaxy, although it appears as though the Scryve will be doing the same thing.

The trailer also shows off some of the non-combat related elements of the game: exploring planetary surfaces in speedy buggies, chatting with alien emissaries, and traveling around far-flung solar systems.

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Origins certainly seems to be drawing on Star Control’s unique sense of humor (one dangling centipede alien says “We certainly don’t want to come off as creepy”), and what we’ve seen so far suggests the ship-to-ship melee combat is staying true to the classic games.

Star Control: Origins is due out later this year, and is currently available to pre-order for $34.99 USD on Steam. That price will go up as the game gets closer to release, Stardock have said.

Now, does anyone on your ship want a massage?

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