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Battlefront 2 now gives bigger end-of-match credit bonuses

star wars battlefront 2 credit bonuses

Nobody’s quite happy with Battlefront II’s progression system, and today EA began rolling out changes to how credits are awarded and speeding the process to unlock new characters and gear.

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Credit payouts at the end of each round have been increased across the board, and the top handful of players on each team will be getting even larger bonuses. Limited payouts for simply playing the game were a chief concern for players early on, and this alleviates that somewhat – though it doesn’t do much to stop some folks from idling for credits, whether that be with robots or more traditional methods.

The cap on daily credits earned through arcade mode has been tripled, and you can now earn up to 1500 credits before awaiting the next reset. Daily login crates get a similar 3X boost when it comes to crafting parts, giving you 15 parts instead of five to build new star cards.

Microtransaction purchases still haven’t returned to the game, but based on these early tweaks it seems EA are not looking at a fundamental restructure of the game’s progression system. Players on the Battlefront II subreddit are looking at the changes with caution – they’re a good step, but not nearly enough to fundamentally fix the game’s troubled progression system.

These changes come ahead of the Last Jedi season, which will bring free content including new heroes and maps to Battlefront II ahead of the film’s release. That season begins tomorrow, December 5.