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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is inspired by Dark Souls and Metroid Prime

The hard-as-nails RPG and classic Metroidvanias helped inspire Respawn's trip to a galaxy far, far away

Fallen Order combat

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s combat and exploration are inspired by the Dark Souls and Metroid series. According to a report from GameInformer, the two classic series informed significant aspects of the upcoming Star Wars game’s development.

GameInformer’s report regularly references Dark Souls as an inspiration for the game’s lightsaber battles. Protagonist Cal Kestis uses the idea of careful timing and “thoughtful combat” to look for openings where a quick lunge will do the most damage. According to director Stig Asmussen, “games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls” will have the “same types of methodology” as Respawn’s upcoming title.

A focus on timing and dodge-rolls isn’t the only feature the Souls series has brought to the game. Cal won’t heal over time during combat, but instead will rely on health canisters summoned from droid companion BD-1. When called on, the droid will fling a canister towards the player, letting them apply it after a short delay for some bonus health. These canisters will replenish at your Stinger Mantis hubship or at save points, much like the RPG series’ Estus Flasks.

Outside of combat, Fallen Order has been inspired by Metroidvanias and Asmussen says that the development team “looked at the structure of Metroid Prime closely.” The game won’t be “exactly like Metroidvania,” but the idea of using upgrades to allow access to new areas at certain points of the game certainly seems to have been explored, and will echo Cal’s growth as a Jedi.

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When it comes to growing as a Jedi, however, that’s exactly what you’ll do – you won’t be able to choose between the Light and the Dark sides. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to pull off some gnarly sci-fi murder though, as you can use your force abilities to pull stormtroopers into their own blaster bolts.

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Plenty more information about Fallen Order is likely to show up over the course of E3 this coming week. You can get a closer look at the upcoming game in the trailer above.