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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order terrarium seeds locations

How to earn the Green Thumb trophy in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


Where are the seed locations for the terrarium in Jedi: Fallen Order? Take a break from searching for lightsaber parts, battling Jedi: Fallen Order bosses, and solving puzzles to complete this wholesome quest for your ship’s captain.

Your companion Greez Dritus loves his terrarium and he wants you to love it as much as he does, so much so, that he’ll ask you to collect seeds for him across planets so he can grow his collection. Once you’ve found each seed, simply return it to Greez Dritus onboard the Mantis and you’ll be rewarded the trophy, ‘Green Thumb: Have a fully grown terrarium’ for your own collection.

So, where can you find all the seeds in Jedi: Fallen Order? As you explore the galaxy, you’ll come across rare and unique flowers, and using BD-1 you’ll acquire a seed from each. Here are all the terrarium seeds and where you’ll find them.

Jedi: Fallen Order terrarium seeds locations


Kalpi: Subterranean Refuge – Once you’ve reached the meditation circle point on the bottom floor of the area, kill the Bog Rats and then find the large stalk sticking out of the water near a pile of rubble.

Featherfern: Fractured Plain – Look for three large holes in the area, nearby is a broken bridge, which you’ll need to jump over, on the other side you’ll find the purple flower.


Royal Fluzz: Weathered Monument – Found next to the Scomp Link chest after you fight two heavy stormtroopers. Take the left-hand path off the steep mountain

Gillypod: Windswept Ruins – As you head to the Tomb of Eilram, jump to the tall pillar in the middle of the area and you’ll find the Gillypod flower.

Dreamwort: Crash Site – Exit the cave and head across the water, to the right of the small circle on the crash site on a ledge you’ll find the Dreamwort seed.


Bonshyyyr: Imperial Refinery – On arriving on Kashyyyk, and once you’ve cleared the way, look to the left-hand side of the clearing and you’ll find the Bonshyyyr seed.

Milk Grass: Gloomroot Hollow – You’ll come across a side path halfway through the map, head up the raised path and you’ll find the Milk Grass.

Mushbloom: Origin Tree – When you arrive to the foot of the Origin Tree, search the left-hand side of the Origin Tree, the Mushbloom can be found at the foot of a large plant.


Bleeding Gut Seed: Swamp of Sacrifice – The seed can be found below the red swinging vine, simply follow the path until you find this in a nearby corner.

Mushling Seed: Swamp of Sacrifice – This seed can be found at the base of the cliff, to the left of the tree that spawns the Undead Nightsisters from the large hanging sacks.

If you’ve found all the seeds for the terrarium in Jedi: Fallen Order and want to get back into the action, here’s where you can find the double-bladed lightsaber, and Scomp Link chests in Jedi: Fallen Order.