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How long is Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

Find out how long Star Wars Jedi Survivor will take to complete, whether you’re rushing through the campaign or wanting to get every collectible in the game.

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Want to know how long Star Wars Jedi Survivor is? The latest adventure in the Star Wars universe reunites us with the Jedi outcast Cal Kestis as he continues to avoid the clutches of the Empire.

How long Star Wars Jedi Survivor takes to complete largely depends on which Star Wars Jedi Survivor difficulty mode you select. It also depends on how many Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles you wish to gather across the many planets. Star Wars Jedi Survivor is undoubtedly a massive RPG game if the previous one in the series is any indication, but how many hours do you need to set aside?

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Jedi Survivor campaign length

Star Wars Jedi Survivor took us just over 20 hours to finish the main story on the standard Jedi Knight difficulty. This involved collecting some of the side quest items along the main path but not deviating from it too much. At the end of our playthrough, it said that we had a completion rate of 61%, though we didn’t really sift through two of the larger planets with a fine toothcomb. Our current estimate for 100% completion is over the 30-hour mark, requiring you to get all the different collectibles such as Shards, Jedha Scrolls, skill points, Datadiscs, and Echoes.

And that’s how long Star Wars Jedi Survivor is. You may also wish to know if post-completion content exists, such as a new game plus mode, or if you can continue from where you left off after beating the game. If you’re starting out in the latest Star Wars game, check out our Star Wars Jedi Survivor beginners guide for our top tips, or maybe our Star Wars Jedi Survivor guides hub if you’re after something specific.