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New Star Wars Jedi Survivor gameplay shows off lightsabers and Koboh

New Star Wars Jedi Survivor gameplay shows Cal Kestis’ dual lightsabers and Force powers in the Fallen Order sequel from Apex Legends dev Respawn.

New Star Wars Jedi Survivor gameplay: A young Jedi, Cal Kestis, with a droid on his shoulder

We finally have some new Star Wars Jedi Survivor gameplay, as Apex Legends and Fallen Order developer Respawn unveils new environments, dual lightsaber combat, and the planet Koboh in the Star Wars game, ahead of the next chapter for Cal Kestis and the upcoming Jedi Survivor release date.

There’s a lot to see here. Firstly, the dual – or rather, double – lightsaber wielded by Cal Kestis. Not only can Cal, played by Gotham’s Cameron Monaghan, carry a lightsaber in each hand now, he can fuse them together to make a Darth Maul-style staff, ideal for hacking apart droids and rival Imperials.

You can seemingly swap between these different weapon styles on the fly, even in the middle of combat. Throw your lightsabers into an enemy’s chest, then boomerang them back and push them together into a double sword to take out everyone else.

Speaking of droids, the mass-produced battle droids from Phantom Menace (“roger, roger”) return here as simple cannon – or rather, saber – fodder for Cal to dispatch, including one wonderful moment when he uses a massive Force push to send one unfortunate robot soaring off a cliff. You can see the full footage below, courtesy of IGN.

The new Jedi Survivor gameplay trailer takes place on the planet Koboh, a brand-new planet in the Star Wars universe where Cal Kestis apparently crash lands near the start of the game. Like the environments in Star Wars Fallen Order, it’s bright, colourful, vast, and seemingly full of things to do and to find.

Navigation looks a lot more graceful this time around, as does combat, with Cal effortlessly flinging his double lightsaber into a batch of enemies before recalling it with the Force. In fact, the whole game looks a lot prettier, with the dim orange of the Koboh sunset complementing the graceful score and relaxing, ambient sounds of the nearby wildlife.

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