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Star Wars Jedi Survivor could make Nvidia RTX 4090 sweat at 1440p

Benchmarks suggests Star Wars Jedi Survivor may force-choke the Nvidia RTX 4090 at 1440p, and the Fallen Order sequel apparently uses up to 19GB VRAM.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor art with Cal next to Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU with sad face

Planning on playing Star Wars Jedi Survivor using an Nvidia RTX 4090? You might want to curb your performance expectations, as the GeForce GPU apparently struggles at 1440p. The Fallen Order sequel may also guzzle up to 19GB VRAM, which suggests players could face off against optimization issues before fighting the dark side.

In theory, cards like the one tested in our Nvidia RTX 4090 review should run rings around Star Wars Jedi Survivor system requirements. After all, Respawn Entertainment recommends using something on par with the RTX 2070, and the flagship Lovelace card is a Rancor comparatively. We’re talking about a GPU that can rip through Cyberpunk 2077 with max settings and ray tracing at 4K, but the next part of Cal Ketsis’ story will seemingly force-choke the pixel pusher with graphical demands.

Screenshot of Star Wars Jedi Survivor gameplay with RTX 4090 performance data on screen
Image source: Reddit/Fibbles

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor RTX 4090 concerns come courtesy of Fibbles on Reddit, as the player shares a screenshot that includes performance data. The image implies you’ll only be able to achieve around 40fps at 1440p using the aforementioned graphics card, an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU, and 32GB RAM, an ensemble we’d label one of the best gaming PC builds around.

In addition, screenshot stats include a worrying 40% GPU utilisation figure, meaning there are clearly optimisation issues at play. Naturally, we’d advise taking the early benchmark figures with a grain of salt, as we’ll be conducting our own tests and sharing our best Star Wars Jedi Survivor settings suggestions in due course.

However, ravenous VRAM requirements and poor optimisation could cause chaos at launch, as you’re probably planning on cranking up settings if you’re rocking one of the best graphics card options around. Of course, the performance glimpse should also concern those of you with Star Wars Jedi Survivor Steam Deck plans, as the experience may prove to be too much for Valve’s portable powerhouse.