How to get the Star Wars Jedi Survivor poncho

Cal Kestis has the option to rock a comfy poncho amongst other collectibles in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, if you can find its location

Are you searching for the Star Wars Jedi Survivor poncho? The poncho is just one of many outfits that you can select for Cal Kestis. It does seem quite fitting, given that this is an adventure that takes place on the frontier. Our guide helps you acquire this particular item for the Star Wars Jedi Survivor hero.

The Jedi Survivor Poncho is just one example of a cosmetic collectible that you can find in your journey. There are many others to be found while exploring the planets such as Koboh and Jedha, including Cal Kestis outfits and hairstyles.

Where to find the Star Wars Jedi Survivor poncho

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor poncho can be found in the Koboh – Fort Kah’lin area. This is just a short distance away from the Rambler’s Reach outpost, and you’ll have to pass through the Untamed Downs zone.

Fort Kah’lin is a Bedlam Raider stronghold. Surprisingly enough, you don’t actually get to visit this location as part of the story campaign. As such, you’ll just go here while free-roaming.

Assuming you’ve arrived at Fort Kah’lin, you’ll want to grapple up to one of the towers. The walkways should be connected, eventually leading you to a large, circular arena where several raiders and droids await. What might seem like a trivial encounter leads to a surprise. That’s because the roof will open, and you’ll be dropped into a pit that contains the Spawn of Oggdo legendary enemy.

A map shows a location of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor poncho

How to beat the Spawn of Oggdo

If you played 2019’s Fallen Order, then you’ll remember the Oggdo Bogdo legendary beast. As such, this fight should feel familiar. You’ll want to watch out for this giant frog’s leaping attacks and poisonous vomit.

Also, beware of the Spawn of Oggdo’s tongue lash, which will pull you straight into its gaping mouth. Depending on the difficulty mode, Cal could end up dead in a bite or two, unless you’re able to escape its clutches.

The large orange and green Spawn of Oggdo gatekeeps the Star Wars Jedi Survivor poncho

After killing the Spawn of Oggdo, you’ll be able to open the treasure chest at the back of the chamber. This is how you obtain the Star Wars Jedi Survivor poncho. It’s just a single piece, a jacket, but it does look snazzy.

In any case, this particular item can be equipped by opening the customize menu. Don’t forget that this is just one of many Cal Kestis cosmetics in the game. Perhaps you’d want to pair it with something stylish, like the mullet hairstyle?